How To Collect Testimonial Videos That Convert

Get testimonial videos that generate high-quality leads, and increase conversions

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How To Choose The Right Clients. Get this right and and they'll filter out all the leads you don't want.

How To Get Clients Who Want To Be On Camera. Simple strategies to get your clients to come to you.



How To Make Clients Comfortable.. The simple phrases and strategies you can use to relax clients so they completely open up.

What Questions To Ask. How to ask questions that pull out the best responses from clients.


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The All-Star Testimonial Video System is a resource that breaks down the 4-steps needed to get the best testimonial video possible.

Most businesses wonder why they don't see more from their testimonial videos and it's because they are missing these 4-steps. When these 4-steps are done right, testimonial videos will attract the right leads and clients, increase conversion rates, and create a deep-emotional connection where your audience views you as the go-to authority.

  • Why clients with the best results are not always right for testimonials
  • How to get clients to "open-up" and share their deepest secrets
  • Why asking certain questions can hurt conversion rates in the video

Social proof

"Erik has proven himself as the man who knows testimonials. My business grows every day by using some of his techniques."

- Adam Linkenauger

- Natillie Rauch

The signup rate is skyrocketing. The quality is 100x's better. It's almost high 90% to schedule, to new member, to retention."

- Sue Packler

"Now, when they're coming in they're ready to sign up. They're pretty much sold. We're just getting more quality clients."


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