Testimonial Interview Instructions

*** PLEASE take 5 minutes prior to your testimonial to setup correctly using the steps below***

  • 1

    Find a quiet room or office - No windows behind you

    Set up in a quiet room. If there are windows make sure they are in front of you and NOT behind you. If there are no windows please find a lamp or light and place that in front of you. Also, make sure there are no pets, and all external devices are off. (See photo below for an example)

  • 2

    If using a phone/tablet turn it sideways - place it on something sturdy - NO hand holding

    Please do not hold the phone in your hands. Place it on something sturdy like a tripod, books, boxes, etc. It's important that the phone is turned sideways (landscape) and not vertical. Also, make sure that portrait lock mode is off.

  • 3

    Have device height as close to eye level as possible.

    Whatever you are placing your device on (tripod, boxes, books, etc) make sure it is raised or stacked high enough so that the device is as close to eye level as possible.

  • 4

    Shine light on your face if possible.

    If you have a desk lamp, ring light, or any sort of way to light your face please use that and place it in front of you so that it shines on your face. If not, and it's during the day you can just sit in front of a window.

** Please follow the steps above to setup correctly prior to the call. This will save us quite a bit of time.

Here's An Example Of How You Should Look When You Are Set Up

That's It. We will call you at the scheduled date and time on the platform you chose.