Mark's Retirement Video Instructions

***PLEASE follow the steps below to record and get us your video***

What Is This? - We are putting together a special video for Mark to celebrate his retirement.  We know he will love to hear what you (coworkers and family) have to say. The instructions and questions are listed for you below.

Follow The Image And Instructions Below To Set Up Properly

When You Are Ready, Record Your Answers To The Questions Below

Feel Free To Print These Out If That Would Make It Easier For You

***Please Say And Spell Your Name Before Answering The First Question***

  • 1

    What type of person is Mark?

    Be as descriptive as possible and don't hold back on any details.

  • 2

    Is there anything funny or quirky that stands out?

    If there are any funny or quirky traits don't hesitate to share those. They will be good to include in the video.

  • 3

    Is there a story about Mark that you can share that he would look back on fondly?

    This could be a funny story. It could be a serious situation that you had to work through with him. Or it could just be a moment that is just really memorable.

  • 4

    If you worked with Mark, what was it like working with him?

    Was it easy to work with him, challenging at times, feel free to share whatever comes to mind.

  • 5

    If you worked with Mark how has he influenced you in your life/career?

    If so, talk about how and what that has meant to you.

  • 6

    What does Mark mean to you?

    Is he important to you and why? Is he someone who loving family member, etc.

  • 7

    If Mark decided to become a hermit and this was the last time you could say anything to him, what would you want to say?

    This is a heavier question but a very important one for the video. So make sure you answer this one.

  • 8

    Is there anything else you'd like to add that you think he would like to hear?

    Do you want to wish him well, congratulate him, or tell him he will be missed, loved, or are proud of him, then feel free to do that here.  

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