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Want Testimonial Videos That Actually Work?

With every video you have in this series so far, you have the exact strategies and methodologies that I personally use to get testimonial videos that work.

You can take those methods and create great testimonial videos yourself.

But there are two elements that I didn't share in the earlier videos.

And it's these elements that keep people from having amazing testimonial vids.

The first element is...

The Ability To Generate Emotion In Their Videos

It has taken me thousands of hours to figure out how to consistently generate the exact emotion needed to create a testimonial video that works.

I mean it when I say it's taken thousands of hours.

The emotion in your testimonial videos is the key.  It will make or break your videos.

So it's crucial that you know how be able to capture that emotion from your clients.

If you don't, you'll have testimonial videos just like everyone else, and wonder if your video is actually doing anything for you.

And I don't want that.

I want you to have videos that...

Generate high quality leads...

Increase conversion...

Do the selling for you...

And work for you whenever and wherever you use them.

That's what the emotion will be able to do.

But honestly, do you really have all those hours in the day to spend on practicing your "emotion" getting techniques?

Pshhh.. no.

You are better off spending that time on the important parts of your business.

Now the second thing I want to share, and I kinda hinted at it above is...

The Amount Of Time It Will Take To Create These Types Of Testimonial Videos


If you are going to do it right...

It will take you more hours than you think it would.

Sure you can hold up a smartphone and ask your clients a few questions.

Anyone can do that.

If you've already done that...

Can you honestly say that those videos have been proven to generate new business, and leads for you?

If it has, has it brought in the ideal leads and prospects that you really want?

In almost every case...

That is a big fat NO.


Can You Hire A Videographer To Do This?


But did you know that most video companies and editors are generalists?

They shoot a wedding one weekend, a corporate gig on Thursday, and Johnny's Bar Mitzah on Sunday.

Even the majority of corporate only video companies are not specialists when it comes to creating testimonial videos that can actually sell.

How do I know this to be true?

I used to be one of those guys.

Also, do you know how hard it is for me to find video editors that actually understand this process?

It is REALLY difficult for me to find them. And I know exactly what to look for.

The funny thing about all of this is...

Whether you decide to give this a go yourself, or you look to hire someone else out to do it...

It's going to cost you A LOT OF TIME.

And then there's no guarantee that the final product will even work.

Think about it this way.


Do You Have The Time To...


  • Find your ideal clients
  • Get them to agree to be on camera
  • Work around their schedule and find time to do the interview
  • Set up the location
  • Get the equipment
  • Set up the equipment
  • Test the equipment
  • Manage the back and forth communication between your clients
  • Make your clients comfortable so they can open up
  • Come up with some questions
  • Go through the interview process
  • Figure out what to ask them to pull out the emotion
  • Figure out what to do if they are not giving you the answers you need
  • Upload the videos to the computer
  • Figure out which editing software will work best
  • Import them into that editing software
  • Find the right music
  • Edit the videos
  • Process the videos
  • Export the videos
  • Upload them onto a server/ Youtube.
  • Etc, etc, etc


And that's just scratching the surface. There's a lot of small, hidden pieces that suck your time away.

Since doing these videos the right way can be a very costly time investment...

And a frustrating process if you are learning the right way to do them...

I want to present you with a special offer.

Here's What The Offer Is...

Simply put, I want to handle everything for you.

Yep. Literally I want take this entire process off your hands.

I'm talkin' everything.

The only piece you would be responsible for is connecting me with your clients via email.

That's it.

From there I'll take care of all the...


Interviewing (which we do virtually)


And everything else in between.

The hardest part in the whole process for you is to choose which clients you want to include in your videos.

So you have a choice to make.

You can either invest hours upon hours (and thousands of dollars) of your time and do this all yourself with no guarantee you'll end up with videos that work.

Or you can hire a videographer or corporate video company (generalists) that can make your testimonial videos look pretty, but not that effective.

Or you can take advantage of this special offer, where I'll handle everything for you.

And when all is said and done...

You'll end up with videos that can actually make a significant impact for your business.

And that's not the only thing.

I've Got A Bonus For You...

If you decide to hop on board within the next 48 hours I'm going to include...

A one-on-one coaching call.

On this call we will create a specific plan on how to use your videos. This plan will be custom tailored for your business.

We will go over...

Where to use your videos.

How to use your videos.

When you should use certain videos over others.

And how to leverage these videos so they will work for you for years on end.

By the end of the call you will have a thorough plan that you can implement immediately.


Not Only That...

I'm going to include a second bonus.

This second bonus is testimonial video guide that will show you other areas to leverage your videos.

That way...

Not only will you have a specific and very detailed plan from our call, but you will also have this guide that will help you look into other areas so that your testimonial videos can flood your market.

And these bonuses are important.

That's because knowing how and where to use your videos is just as important is actually creating them the right way.


But There's A Catch

These 2 bonuses...

The one-on-one coaching call, and testimonial video marketing guide will only be available for the next 48 hours.

What this means is...

If you want the coaching, and marketing plan you'll have to hop on board in the next 48 hours.

If you wait until after the 48 hours I'll still handle the entire testimonial process for you, but the coaching call and video guide will not be included.


Here's How To Get Started

Scroll down and click the button.

Once you do that, you'll be sent to a appointment calendar where you can schedule a time so we can chat.

This phone call is important.

For me to be able to handle this whole process for you, I have to understand how your business works.

Knowing how your run things, will help me determine the exact type of videos that will be best for you.

Without the call, I'd be running blind, and you'd end up with some pretty crappy videos.

And I just couldn't handle that.

So if you want to take advantage of this special offer, and get the 2 included bonuses, click the button below and schedule your call within the next 48 hours.

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Now you may be thinking...

This is all well and good...

But what do these videos look like?

Well here's a sample of one style of video that I can do for you...

Now don't let the simplicity of this video fool you.

It works. And works really well.

Don't believe me?

Watch this short clip below from the owner of that business, and see what this one video was able to do for him in just a few short weeks.

That story from the video above is one of many who have seen similar experiences. You can see many more if you scroll down further.

Hint hint... more testimonials 🙂

But before you do that, I want to share one more thing.

I get it, you may still be thinking things like...

Should I invest in this?

Is this going to be a pushy sales call?

What are my clients going to think about the process?

Or even why should I hire you, when I can do this myself?

Well, to be honest. Those are the same thoughts I have whenever I see someone offering something.

So I figured, instead of me trying to come up with some cool copywriting to convince you...

I'm going to practice what I preach...

And use a few testimonial video clips from my clients to answer any of those questions or objections you may have.

So check these out.

Should I Invest In This?

Will This Be A Pushy Sales Call?

What If I Can Do This Myself?

What's This Like For My Clients?


Oh, there's one more thing...

If you are still skeptical...

Still not sure about this...

Or have a hesitation because you've been scammed in the past, I completely understand.

If you still feel this way, let me know and I'll connect you with my clients so you can check things out for yourself.

But If You Are Ready To Go...

Then click the button below to schedule your call.

And remember...

If you decide to hop onboard within the next 48 hours not only will I handle the entire testimonial video process for you...

I will include a personal one-on-one coaching call to help create a specific plan on how to use your videos.

You will also receive the marketing guide that will show you different ways (outside of our call) to use your videos.

To get all of this, click the button below and schedule your call right away.

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Need More Proof?

Here Are A Few Of The Businesses We've Worked With...


Here Are Some Short Video Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients...

Montage Video Of Multiple Clients

Sam's 7 Figures With A Social Proof Vid

Matt And Why This Is All You Need

Jemand Got 156 Clients In 3 Days

Rick Brought In $100k In 11 Months

Callie Gets New Clients Every Week!

Devin Made $54,000 In 7 Weeks

G.R Is On His Way To A 12 To 1 ROI

Only 5 Days To See An ROI For Dan

Adrian Made $19,500 In Less Than 1 Week

Alicia Brought In $1,521 In 4 1/2 Hours!

Joe's Website Bounce Rate Decreased 35%

Paul Made $12,000 In 2 Days

Dax - Most Powerful Marketing Tool

The Impact Brought Dio To Tears

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A Few More Words...

Jemand Ezeonwuka

"I was able to bring in 156 new clients in 3 days."

Jemand Ezeonwuka, - Click Here To See Jemand's Full Case Study
Devin Gage

"I was able to bring in $54,000 in 7 Weeks."

Devin Gage, - Click here to see Devin's Case Study
Rick Daman

"This took my program to 6 figures in 11 months."

Rick Daman, - Click Here To See Rick's Full Case Study
Paul Mort

"This Brought In 12 Grand In 2 Days."

Paul Mort, Click Here To See Paul's Full Case Study
Adrian Harper

"We usually get 20 people for our transformation contest, for this one we had 40 signed up."  

Adrian Harper, Click Here To See Adrian's Full Case Study
Alicia Streger

"This was directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales."

Alicia Streger, Click Here To See Alicia's Full Case Study
Gr Hoff

"We are already at a 6 to 1 ROI very easily."

Gr Hoff, - Click Here To See G.R's Full Case Study
Dax Moy

"This Is The Holy Grail Of Marketing."

Dax Moy, - Click Here To See Dax's Full Case Study
John Cortese

"Before we had these videos done we had about 13 clients. When we used them (the videos) we brought in 32 new clients."

John Cortese, - Click Here To See John's Full Case Study
Matt Luxton

"These are the sorts of videos where literally all you need is a pay now button underneath, and I reckon you're done."

Matt Luxton, - Click Here To See Matt's Full Case Study
Callie Durbrow

That added over a thousand to the bottom line each month, and we've been getting new clients every week.

Callie Durbrow
Dan Meredith

"It Works, and I made my money back in 5 days."

Dan Meredith
Paul Reddick

If you put your money into something like this, and invest in this, you'll be making a significant profit before the credit card bill comes.

Paul Reddick, - Click here to see Paul's full case study
Tom Crawshaw

"I would say it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars every year that we use it!"

Tom Crawshaw, Click Here To See Tom's Full Case Study
Chris Greenwood

"Definitely one of the best investments we've ever made!"

Chris Greenwood, Click Here To See Chris's Full Case Study
Bobby Zuniga

I am now capturing a lot more leads because of this!

Bobby Zuniga, Click Here To See Bobby's Full Case Study
Justin Yule

"I got 57 signups for this last transformation challenge."

Justin Yule, Click Here To See How Justin Got 57 New Signups
Rick Streb

"Within a 7 day period, from a Tuesday to a Tuesday, we signed up 55 people."

Rick Streb, Click Here To See How Rick Signed Up 55 New People
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Travis Isn't Just Getting Leads, He's Getting Them 50% Cheaper Than Before!

Justin's Closing Rate Went Up To 90%

A Few Words From Pat...

Even David (One Of The Most Well Respected Marketers) Had A Few Words To Say...

Here's What Will Had To Say...

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