Thank You For Setting Up Your Interview

We will call you at the scheduled time. To be ready for the interview please follow the steps below. (Bookmark this page as well).

Also, if you didn't send your Facetime or Skype contact info please email that to

How To Prepare For Your Interview
(This Is Important)

  • 1

    Find a quiet room

    Remove all pets, turn off all other noises (landline phone), TV, radio, etc.

  • 2

    Make sure there are no windows behind you.

    We don't want any silhouettes or shadows. It's best if any light source (window, lamp, etc) is directly in front of you.

  • 3

    Set up your phone/tablet/laptop on something sturdy and at eye level

    If you're using a phone/tablet please turn it sideways. If you have a tripod for the phone/tablet please use that. Do NOT hold it in your hands.  If you don't have a tripod or you have a laptop you can use books or boxes to raise it up to eye level.

Below Is A Photo To Give You An Example Of How You Should Be Set Up

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