Testimonial Interview Instructions

Please follow the steps below so we can get everything set up for your interview

Step 1 - Watch This Quick Video - It's Important

Step 2 - Setup Skype OR Facetime If You Don't Have It Already And Then Reply To My Original Email With Your Contact Details

Use Facetime If You Have An...

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac Computers (iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro etc.
  • Facetime Is Preferred If Possible (Better Quality)

Use Skype If You Have A...

  • Samsung Phone/Tablet
  • Google Phone
  • PC Computer
  • Anything That Is Not An Apple Product

PLEASE email me your contact info for either Facetime or Skype when everything is set up.

Step 3 - Schedule A Time For The Interview By Clicking The Button Below

*** Please schedule within the next 7 days if possible***

Step 4 - How To Prepare For Our Interview


A) Set up in a quiet room

B) If using a phone or tablet, turn it sideways and place it on something steady. Do not hold it in your hands

C) Set up your phone/tablet/laptop at eye level. If you have a tripod for the phone/tablet please use that.  If not or you have a laptop you can use books or boxes to raise up the height of the device.

D) DO NOT have a window or light behind you (creates a silhouette). Put any light source (window, lamp) straight in front of you so it shines in your face.

E) Allow for 10-15 minutes for the interview.  

F) Have all phones off, and all pets in another room

G) Have fun. The interview is really easy.  There is no pressure.  If you make a mistake that's fine.  Everything will be taken care of in editing.  Think of this as just a phone call where you are talking to a friend.  It's pretty laid back.

General Questions For The Interview

Results Based questions

1) Tell me a little about yourself/ how & why you came to train there?

2) Tell me what your life was like before working out there?

3) What is your life like now?

4) What type of positive results have you seen in your life because of them?

5) How has this helped to change your life?

Personal questions

1) 3 words or phrases to describe your trainer?

2) What type of person is your trainer? (not so much as a business person on this, more personal)

3) if you only had 30 seconds and were never going to see or talk to them again, what would you say to them

4) If someone wanted to sign up but was on the fence what would you say to them?

Need Help?  Watch These Videos

How To Sign Up For Skype

Add Skype Contacts & Making Calls

Add Facetime Info & Making Calls

Fixing Audio & Video Problems

****If You Did Not Schedule Your Call Yet Or Reply To The Original Email With You Skype Or Facetime Info Please Do That Now