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Below you will find all the resources you need to create incredible testimonial videos. These resources were created after years of testing, tweaking, and actually doing thousands of testimonials.

These resources will help you get rolling right away.

But it's important to know that if you REALLY want great testimonial videos it's worth it to go through all of these resources.

Cutting corners and leaving some of this out will hurt your testimonial videos... guaranteed.

Now, with that being said if you DON'T want to go through everything below and simply want AMAZING testimonial videos that convert, and help generate high-quality leads without having to do any work, then we can do all of this for you.

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Testimonial Video Quick Start Guide

This guide should be one of your main references when it comes to capturing and using testimonial videos. It will get you up to speed quickly to start collecting good testimonial videos from your customers and clients.

Click Here To Download The Quickstart Guide

Testimonial Video Questions To Ask

This question guide will provide you with specific questions you can ask when capturing your testimonial videos. It will also explain why some of these specific questions may not be right for your situation and what to do in that situation.

Click Here To Download The Question Guide

Testimonial Video Checklist

This is the exact checklist we use and follow to collect amazing testimonial videos. It will break down the exact steps to follow before the interview, the actual interview, the editing process, and even the marketing process.

Click Here To Download TheĀ  Checklist

Testimonial Video Email/ Text Swipes

This swipe file contains scripts, emails, and messages that you can use when approaching your clients to do a testimonial video. Simply choose the best on that fits your situation.

Click Here To Access The Script, Emails & Text Swipe Files

Testimonial Video Marketing Guide

Having testimonial videos is great but knowing how to use them to get results is even better. This guide shares where and how to use your testimonial videos so that you can get the biggest impact from them.

Click Here To Download The Marketing Guide

Video Resources

Free Training - How To Use Testimonial Videos To Get-Higher Quality Leads

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Difference Between Offline And Online Testimonials

Is It Better To Record Vertical Or Landscape Testimonials?

Is It Better To Record Vertical Or Landscape Testimonials?

How The Questions Should Be Done

Who You Should Choose For Testimonials

Should All Testimonials Be About Results?

How To People To Watch Your Testimonials

How To Edit Your Testimonials Better

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