Video 3 - What Types Of Clients Should You Include In Your Testimonial Videos?

Most times we believe we should include the clients with the greatest results in our testimonial videos.  Well, that's not necessarily true all of the time.

In this video I explain the exact type of client you should include in your video and why you should include them

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Here's Just A Few Of The Businesses We've Worked With...


Here Are Some Short Video Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients...

Montage Video Of Multiple Clients

Sam's 7 Figures With A Social Proof Vid

Matt And Why This Is All You Need

Jemand Got 156 Clients In 3 Days

Rick Brought In $100k In 11 Months

Callie Gets New Clients Every Week!

Devin Made $54,000 In 7 Weeks

G.R Is On His Way To A 12 To 1 ROI

Only 5 Days To See An ROI For Dan

Adrian Made $19,500 In Less Than 1 Week

Alicia Brought In $1,521 In 4 1/2 Hours!

Joe's Website Bounce Rate Decreased 35%

Paul Made $12,000 In 2 Days

Dax - Most Powerful Marketing Tool

The Impact Brought Dio To Tears

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A Few More Words...

Jemand Ezeonwuka

"I was able to bring in 156 new clients in 3 days."

Jemand Ezeonwuka, - Click Here To See Jemand's Full Case Study
Devin Gage

"I was able to bring in $54,000 in 7 Weeks."

Devin Gage, - Click here to see Devin's Case Study
Rick Daman

"This took my program to 6 figures in 11 months."

Rick Daman, - Click Here To See Rick's Full Case Study
Paul Mort

"This Brought In 12 Grand In 2 Days."

Paul Mort, Click Here To See Paul's Full Case Study
Adrian Harper

"We usually get 20 people for our transformation contest, for this one we had 40 signed up."  

Adrian Harper, Click Here To See Adrian's Full Case Study
Alicia Streger

"This was directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales."

Alicia Streger, Click Here To See Alicia's Full Case Study
Gr Hoff

"We are already at a 6 to 1 ROI very easily."

Gr Hoff, - Click Here To See G.R's Full Case Study
Dax Moy

"This Is The Holy Grail Of Marketing."

Dax Moy, - Click Here To See Dax's Full Case Study
John Cortese

"Before we had these videos done we had about 13 clients. When we used them (the videos) we brought in 32 new clients."

John Cortese, - Click Here To See John's Full Case Study
Matt Luxton

"These are the sorts of videos where literally all you need is a pay now button underneath, and I reckon you're done."

Matt Luxton, - Click Here To See Matt's Full Case Study
Callie Durbrow

That added over a thousand to the bottom line each month, and we've been getting new clients every week.

Callie Durbrow
Dan Meredith

"It Works, and I made my money back in 5 days."

Dan Meredith
Paul Reddick

If you put your money into something like this, and invest in this, you'll be making a significant profit before the credit card bill comes.

Paul Reddick, - Click here to see Paul's full case study
Tom Crawshaw

"I would say it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars every year that we use it!"

Tom Crawshaw, Click Here To See Tom's Full Case Study
Chris Greenwood

"Definitely one of the best investments we've ever made!"

Chris Greenwood, Click Here To See Chris's Full Case Study
Bobby Zuniga

I am now capturing a lot more leads because of this!

Bobby Zuniga, Click Here To See Bobby's Full Case Study
Justin Yule

"I got 57 signups for this last transformation challenge."

Justin Yule, Click Here To See How Justin Got 57 New Signups
Rick Streb

"Within a 7 day period, from a Tuesday to a Tuesday, we signed up 55 people."

Rick Streb, Click Here To See How Rick Signed Up 55 New People
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Travis Isn't Just Getting Leads, He's Getting Them 50% Cheaper Than Before!

Justin's Closing Rate Went Up To 90%

A Few Words From Pat...

Even David (One Of The Most Well Respected Marketers) Had A Few Words To Say...

Here's What Will Had To Say...

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