Would You Like Me To Personally Do A Video Testimonial Interview With One Of Your Clients For Only $20

The truth is, when it comes to interviewing a client for a testimonial video there's a little bit more to it than we realize.

Even if you know what questions to ask and know what to do you still have to...

  • Know what client to choose
  • Get the client to agree to do it and be in front of the camera.
  • Find a time that works for you and them (scheduling is a huge time suck).
  • Find the right recording spot.
  • Set up and organize the recording spot.
  • Set up the equipment.
  • Test the equipment.
  • Prep your client.
  • Get them comfortable and relaxed (this is tougher than you'd think).
  • Pivot and switch gears if the interview is not going well.
  • And then check to make sure everything came out OK.

Doing all of this takes way more than $20 worth your time. On top of that if you hire a professional interviewer to do this for you, you're looking at anywhere from $100-$500. And that's for just one client interview.

Not only that, there's a good chance that this interviewer is not a specific "testimonial interviewer."  They'll probably be just a person who does generic interviews.

And you DO NOT want a generic interviewer.

But, I'm personally willing to do this for you for only $20

OK, So What Does This $20 Get You?

Simply put I will take one of your clients and handle the entire interview process for you.  This Includes...

  • Client scheduling
  • Tech set up
  • Location set up
  • Client preparation
  • Handling tech problems
  • Question research and preparation
  • The actual interview
  • Testimonial review
  • Processing the raw footage
  • Uploading and sending the raw footage
  • Any communication with the client
  • And everything else in between

All you have to do is connect me with your client and that's it. Once the video testimonial interview is done...

I will send you the raw interview footage.


So How Do You Get Started?

Simply CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW. That'll take you to a calendar where you can choose a time to hop on the phone with me.

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Now You May Be Thinking...

Who is this guy? What's the catch?

I totally understand that. So to alleviate any hesitations you may have I'm not even going to ask you for the $20 right now.

Instead, we can first hop on the phone to go over the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Plus, this call will help me learn more about your business and client so I can begin structuring the interview.

If everything sounds good on the call then we will move forward with the $20.  If not, then there will be no hard feelings.


What Will The Call Be Like?

Well, instead of me trying to explain it here's what a client had to say about the call. See what I did here... testimonial 😉

Here's The Text Version Of That Video Testimonial

"What I liked is that we had an initial Skype conversation where he wanted to find out from me things about my business, and what it was I was wanting to get across in the videos. Which would then give him ideas to the questions he would ask.

So he really dove deep into our business and seemed to actually care about what we did to be able to find that information out to then ask the couples and the clients to get the best testimonials.

So it started very early on in the that process. And because he'd asked all the questions, and spent that time in the initial Skype conversation, it meant that when I gave him all the information, he could just go off and take care of it."

Chris G.


A VERY Important Note

Doing this for $20 is probably not the smartest business decision on my end. So I'm only going to take 5 people (new clients only).

I have a feeling this'll go REALLY quick.  So if you want in on this, it's a good bet that you want to schedule your call ASAP.


If This Sounds Good Then Click The Button Below To Get Started

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How Many Clients Do I Need To Do This?

This is for a testimonial interview of one client.

What's The Catch?

There’s no real catch.  I interview your client for $20. If you like it then we can talk and see if there is an opportunity for any more testimonial video work

Can Existing Clients Take Advantage Of This?

Unfortunately no. This is for new clients only.

What Exactly Am I Getting With This?

Once the interview is done with your client you’ll be sent the entire RAW VIDEO INTERVIEW for you to do with it as you please.