Want Better Leads And Higher Conversions?

We work with your customers and clients to create higher-quality leads and conversions for your business.

See How One Of Our Clients Got 156 New Clients In 3 Days In This Case Study

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What Exactly Do We Do?

We work with your customers and clients to create systems and testimonial videos that generate higher-quality leads and clients, boost conversions, and save you a ton of time.

How Our System Works

  • 1. We Do A Walkthrough Session With You

    We learn about your business, see where the gaps are, and lay out a plan to for better results.

  • 2. You Connect Us With Your Clients

    Next thing we do is have you connect us with your clients. We then reach out to them to set up a time where we interview them.

  • 3. We Interview Your Clients

    We now interview your clients and we pull out the very best emotional, and high-impact information from them about your business.

  • 4. Update

    We update you about how the interviews went and begin structuring the videos based on the agreed upon plan.

  • 5. The Magic Process

    The interviews are then edited and transformed by our unique system and turned into high-converting videos.

  • 6. Optimize And Finish

    This is the final stage where the videos are optimized for the biggest impact, and when complete they are sent to you.

Very Little Work Is Required On Your End

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, depending on the plan we create you may not even have to do any work at all. We can work exclusively with your clients, and let you focus on other important business tasks.

Here Are A Few Samples

Here Are What A Few Clients Had To Say...

Rick Daman

This took my program to 6 figures in only 11 months.

Rick Daman, Daman Strength Training
Jemand Ezeonwuka

I was able to bring in 156 new clients in 3 days

Jemand Ezeonwuka, Eze Fitness
Devin Gage

I was able to bring in $52,000 in 7 weeks

Devin Gage, Gage Strength Training
Paul Mort

This Brought In 12 Grand In 2 Days!

Paul Mort, Paul Mort Marketing
Adrian Harper

I Was Able To Add $19,500 In Less Than A Week.

Adrian Harper, Profitness
Alicia Streger

Within 4 1/2 Hours We Sold 39 Spots, And I Only Wanted 20.

Alicia Streger, Fit Pro Essentials

24/7 Marketing Machine

Once we work our magic, everything works on autopilot to help create higher-quality leads and boost conversions for you all day, everyday.

A Few More Things You Should Know...

Instant Emotional Connection

99% of all marketing is not emotional enough to sell. We flip that around and base this process on emotion to hook potential clients and have them feel what it's like to be a part of your business.

Overcomes Objections

Our process knocks down almost any objection a prospect or lead may have when buying from you. That's because we use your actual clients and have them share their stories and how you overcame their objections.

This Can Be Completely Done For You

The best part about this process is that we can set it up so that you do no work. We can handle everything. All you have to do is connect us with your clients.

It Attracts The Right Type Of Leads

We've found through tons of testing that our videos consistently filter out the tire-kickers, and leave you with leads that are higher-quality and easily become ideal clients for you.

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