How We Were Able To Help Bobby Capture A Lot More Leads, And Save Sales That He Was Losing

Over the years Bobby has been in business he has been collecting social proof and testimonials. He knew how important they were for his business.  But the ones he was doing himself never seemed to capture what he was really wanting to do.

So Bobby reached out to us and asked if we could help.

We ended up creating a simple montage video for video for him to use (which you can see below).

With this video Bobby ended up capturing a lot of leads from places he wasn't getting them before.  He was also able to lower the objections and questions he would normally get from prospect which made closing new clients easier.

The video brought in higher quality leads and to top it off he was even able to use this video to close people who were not that interested.

Here's The Video We Did For Bobby...

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A Very Important Note...

What we did with Bobby does not use or rely on any of that hyped up marketing or cheesy gimmicks that you see a lot of marketers and gurus pushing.

  • This Is Different...

    This is real and includes real people (your actual clients) to help you grow your business. And we do all the work for you.

  • Leads, Sales, And Conversions

    With this process we are able to attract high quality leads, generate sales, and even convert leads who are on the fence.

  • Emotional Connection

    This social video system creates a deep emotional connection with prospects interested in your business.

Bobby Zuniga

It’s the way these videos suck people in that make it a marketing video versus a content video.

Bobby Zuniga Training For Warriors Colorado

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