Got Testimonial Videos? Want Them Edited Into Something That Actually Works?

Now You Can Get Your Testimonial Videos Edited And Transformed Into High-Converting Video Assets.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have a customer or client who has had great results and you get a testimonial video from them.

Only to find that when you watch their video that it's kind of boring, doesn't really get their story across well, and isn't that great?

Well, you're not alone.

In fact, most testimonial videos that clients send to you or that are collected by you or your team end up in the dreaded...

"Meh zone."

That's kind of like the friends zone.

The videos are great to have and throw onto your website or in your marketing, but no one is really that interested in watching them.

And that's the worst place for testimonial videos to be.

The whole key for testimonial videos to work is people have to watch them.

And if they're boring, don't highlight the story and results well, then they're not going to do much for you.

I'm sure if you've collected any testimonial videos then you've had a client who has had an incredible transformation but when you see their testimonial video your left thinking...

This video isn't even close to being good.

And a lot of times, their testimonial videos aren't even usable.

So Then You Think...

Maybe if you get it edited it will be better?

And at this point you have two options...

  1. Edit the video yourself.
  2. Find someone to edit it.

Now, if you have zero editing skills then editing the video is going to be like having a root canal, only it'll take even longer and when you're done with it, it won't be that much better.

So that second option of having someone edit it, may sound better.

But then you have to find a video editor.

So chances are you'll go to Fiverr, or if you're looking for a little better quality you'll head to some of the freelancer sites.

And then you'll search around and find a few people who seem to do decent work.

But You'll Eventually End Up Stopping The Search Because...

You'll realize there are about 14,637 video editors to choose from, but you won't see that many specific examples that will match exactly what you are looking for.

So you end up picking one that you believe is OK.

From there you send them the testimonial video(s) to be edited, and you'll go back and forth a little bit.

If English is not their first language, you'll go back and forth way more than a little bit.

Even if they only speak English, you'll find that many times they are not that responsive, don't respond much to questions, and sometimes they'll just ghost you.

And then days later you'll get a notification that your video(s) are complete.

It's really a strange process.

But then you watch your videos and they're definitely better than the original so you're OK with dealing with some of the weirdness.

And in the end you're happy for the most part.

But There's A Big Catch With This (Actually There Are A Few)...

The first is, most of the video editors that you find on Fiverr or freelance sites are generalists.

That means that one day they're editing Johnny's birthday party, the next day they're editing a college project that was due two weeks ago.

Very few, and I mean VERY FEW have any clue on how to edit videos that sell.

And even fewer have any idea how to edit testimonial videos so that they connect emotionally, keep the viewer watching, and actually get people to take action.

The second issue with places like Fiverr and Upwork is that you have have to spend HOURS to try and sift through the mountain of options you have.

And you have no idea if they're even any good.

If you're looking for a video editor that knows about marketing, sales, and especially testimonial videos...

That's not just a needle in a haystack, but it's like trying to find water in a dessert.

It's almost non-existent.

But if you really want to find it you're going to have to dig, and dig DEEP for a long time.

If you do find them...

They'll either be over-booked with projects and it'll take months before they even get your videos.

And they'll rush through your videos because they're so backlogged with work and they won't do that great of a job with them.

Or their fees are RIDICULOUS!!!

And I can say all of this with 100% certainty because it's EXACTLY what I go through when I'm looking to hire video editors for myself.

And I've been video editing for over 20 years. 15+ of those years have been editing videos that sell so I know what to look for.

If I have a tough time trying to find video editors that understand selling, marketing, and testimonials, it's only going to be that much harder for you.

So What's The Alternative?

Well, it's simple. If you have testimonial videos that you need edited and done right, then...

I can do it for you!!!


    If You Let Me Edit Your Videos You Won't Have To...

    • Bang your head against the wall trying to figure out how to do it all yourself.
    • Figure out where to find video editors.
    • Sift through TONS of contractors on Fiverr or freelancing sites to find a good video editor.
    • Test a bunch of contractors to find the right one.
    • Deal with poor communication.
    • Wait months for your videos.
    • Pay an arm and a leg for your videos to be edited.
    • Hope that your edited testimonial videos turn out good.

    Instead, Your Testimonial Videos Will Be...

    • Edited by a "testimonial video editing" specialist.
    • Edited into much better videos.
    • Edited to lock in the viewers attention.
    • Edited to connect better with viewers.
    • Edited in a way that increases the viewers chances to take action.
    • Edited to match your brand and business.
    • Completed with a fast turnaround time.
    • Done with easy communication and no one "ghosting" you.
    • Focused on connection, marketing, and sales.
    • Done at reasonable rates.
    • Completed so that they don't suck and you'll work with someone who cares, and knows what to do with your testimonial videos.

    Here Are A Few Quick Examples Of What Can Be Done

    Example 1

    In the first example below I took a full 30 minute case study (where I interviewed the client) and edited into 3 separate videos.

    The first video is the actual full-length case study edited down to around 15 minutes and it includes a banner, graphics, music, and a few more other editing pieces, and visuals to "spice it up."

    The second video was a 60 second edited version of the case study. It was kept in the rectangular format (16x9) and was designed to showcase the results and story of the client in a short, "punchier" format.

    The third video is the same exact 60 second testimonial video as above, except it was formatted and edited for social media (1x1). There are more graphics, visual elements, and other elements edited in to move the video along.

    Example 2 - Compilation/ Montage Testimonial Videos

    If there is enough content from multiple testimonial videos then I can also take those and turn them into a compilation video.

    Generally, if you're sending me videos to edit, the compilation will only have enough content to turn it into a "results-based" compilation.

    If there is more content in the testimonials, different elements can be added besides results as well.

    Here is short example where I took multiple testimonials, plus b-roll (extra footage) that was sent to me and edited them into a testimonial compilation in a 1x1 format.

    Short Compilation 1x1

    Now, that was just a really short version. If there is enough content/footage the compilation can be a bit longer and have more of a story to them.

    Here are a few more example of compilation/montage videos for you to see.

    Longer Compilation Sample 1

    Longer Compilation 16x9

    Longer Compilation Sample 2

    Longer Compilation 16x9

    Example 3 - Ads And Advanced Videos

    We can also take your testimonial videos and turn them into ads, or other types of "advanced testimonials."

    Depending on the original testimonial and the content, there will be a lot more "juice" added to these.

    These videos are finely tuned, planned, scripted, and really dialed in.

    You can see some client videos below, and I'll even throw in an advanced video testimonial that I did for my business as well.

    Testimonial Video Ad

    Advanced "Who Is" Montage

    Advanced Individual Testimonial

    Advanced Testimonial Of
    One Of My Clients

    So How Does This Work?

    The first thing we need to do is have a quick chat. That way I can learn more about your business, and then we can figure out exactly what type of testimonial videos you want to have edited.

    Then based on our conversation I'll know exactly how to have your videos edited.

    From there you just send me the videos and required content.

    And when they're complete they'll be sent back to you.

    And that's about it.

    What Exactly Am I Going To Get?

    As you see from the samples above your videos can be turned into all sorts of different video assets for you.

    From simple testimonial videos, all the way up to advanced videos with a lot of different graphics.

    Everything depends on our initial conversation and not just what you need, but also what would work best for your situation.

    What's This Gonna Cost?

    If you go on Fiverr, you'll find anything ranging from $5 up to projects starting at around $100, and they go up from there.

    Other freelance sites like Upwork, the prices can go to unlimited amounts.

    The pricing all depends on what you need, how much of it you need and, and how long you work with that freelancer.

    Oh, and a quick side note...

    The higher priced freelancers on those sites don't necessarily mean they are any good.

    I've see beginners on there charging crazy money just to see if people will pay for it.

    And there may be GREAT video editors on there, but it doesn't mean they know anything about business, and turning videos into assets that can sell.

    The editing done here places the focus on selling and marketing.

    So with that being said, the costs to edit your videos will depend.

    Kinda like the freelance sites, the pricing depends on what you need, how much needs to be done, and the level they are done at.

    For example, the advanced testimonial videos will cost more than the basic generic testimonial videos.

    It's simply because more time is involved.

    Now, I could create separate packages and sell them for a flat fee. But, I've found that doesn't work that well (unless it's a month-to-month package).

    That's because...

    I have no idea of the content/footage you are sending over.

    If you purchased a certain package but there's not enough content to put everything together, then it won't work.

    But here's the good news...

    Since I won't be recording the footage, or doing any of the actual filming, the costs are significantly less than if I were to do all of it for you.

    I'll just be handling the editing side of things which keeps the costs down for you.

    Here's What Is Guaranteed!

    I guarantee that the videos you get back will be way better than the original versions that you had, and if you're not happy with them they'll be tweaked so that you will be happy in the end.

    I also guarantee that the process will be as easy as possible for you and you will be updated during the process so that way you know how everything is going.

    How Do I Get Started?

    All you have to do to get started is scroll down to the calendar below and pick a day and time to schedule a call with me. 

    Once you do that, we'll go over what you're looking for, what will work best, and everything needed to make your videos work.

    So if you have testimonial videos that you want to turn into high-converting sales assets and want them done the right way just scroll down and schedule your call now