Want A Free "Done-For-You" Testimonial Video?

Now this is a pretty insane offer. In fact, it's not the smartest thing to do business wise.

But we've found that there are three obstacles that keep business owners from collecting testimonial videos.

  • The time involved to do it right
  • The technical side of things and not knowing what to ask
  • The cost involved in hiring editors or others to do it.

So we decided to take a chance and eliminate the obstacles for you so you can have a really HIGH-QUALITY testimonial video.

And we're doing that by offering you a FREE done-for-you testimonial video of ONE of your clients.

What Will This Free Testimonial Video Look Like?

It's the exact same type of video we do for paying clients.  It'll include a headline, a banner, graphics, a progress bar, music, and a bunch of other elements we include that are behind the scenes.

On top of that, this is NOT a cookie cutter template. It's actually custom designed to match your business and branding.

Here's a couple samples below to get an idea of what it'll be like...

So How Do You Get A Free Testimonial Video?

To get a free testimonial video there are a few steps you'll need to take.

But before we get to that we just want to let you know that normally one individual testimonial video starts at $400.

We bring this up because it's a bit of a risk for us to do this video for you at no cost.

So we will need you to take a few steps to make sure we don't get overloaded with requests.

Here Are The Steps To Take

  • 1

    Click The Button Below And Fill Out The Application

    This will give us some of the basic details we need to start the testimonial video. We will review the application and if it is accepted we will personally contact you to set up a time for a quick chat.

  • 2

    You Have To Agree To Get On The Phone Before And After The Testimonial Video

    The initial phone call will help us get to know your business so we can structure your video correctly. Once the video is complete we will hop back on to see if there are any other opportunities to do more videos for you.

  • 3

    You Agree To Give Us A Video Testimonial

    Well, what can we say... we love testimonials. So we want to get one from you after everything is all said and done.

Click Here To Get Started

A Few Important Notes

It's important for us to make sure what we deliver to you is the best possible testimonial we can do.

That being said we will only accept a very limited amount of businesses.

**We will review each application and if it is a good fit we will reach out to you personally to set up a time for the initial chat.**

If it is not a good fit or we are full we will place you on a waiting list. From there it will be first come first serve.

** Also, this is for NEW clients only.

Here's What A Few Of Our Clients Had To Say About The Videos We Did For Them

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How Many Clients Do I Need To Do This?

Just one. We will do one done-for-you video of one client.

What's The Catch?

There’s no real catch.  We do a video for you at no cost and if you like it then we get to talk to you and see if there is an opportunity to work with you as a paid client and do some more video for you.

Can Existing Clients Get A Free Testimonial

Unfortunately no. This is for new clients only.

Why Is There An Application And Review Process To Get This Video?

Honestly, we don’t want to get overwhelmed with requests and we want to be able to work with businesses that we know we can really help.

What Happens If You Review My Application And I'm Not Approved For A Free Video

If that happens, we will simply put you on a waiting list. When we open the doors again for this you will be the first to know and you can simply re-apply.

How Long Does It Take To Find Out If I'm Accepted?

It’ll generally take up to 24 hours for us to review it and get back to you. Sometimes it will be faster, and sometimes it will be longer. If it’s received on a weekend or holiday it may take a few days.