Want A Free "Done-For-You" Testimonial Video?

Now this is a pretty insane offer but I want to help business owners overcome the three BIGGEST obstacles that keep them collecting testimonial videos.

These obstacles are...

  • The amount of time involved to do it right.
  • Not knowing what to ask to pull out the REAL story.
  • The technical side of things (recording, audio, graphics, editing, etc).

So I wanted to eliminate these obstacles for you so you can have a really HIGH-QUALITY testimonial video.

And I'm going to do that by offering you a FREE done-for-you testimonial video of ONE of your clients.

What Will This Free Testimonial Video Look Like?

First off, you'll actually be getting two versions of the video.

Version 1 is a square (1x1) video. It'll include a headline, a banner, graphics, a progress bar, music, and a bunch of other elements that are included behind the scenes.

Version 2 is a rectangle (16x9) video. It is the exact same video but is formatted differently and does NOT come with all the "bells and whistles."

On top of that, this is NOT a cookie cutter template. It's actually custom designed to match your business and branding.

Here's an example below to get an idea of what it'll be like...

Square 1x1 Video

Rectangle 16x9 Standard Video

So How Do You Get A Free Testimonial Video?

There are a few steps you will need to take.

  • 1

    Click The Image Below And Answer A Few Questions

    This will help me to see if you're ready for a free testimonial video and will be able to utilize it the right way.

  • 2

    Schedule A Call If You're Approved

    If you answer all the questions and you're approved, you will be presented with the option to schedule a call with me. To qualify you MUST schedule and show up for this call. On this call I will explain the process, get info about your business so I can customize your video for you, and I'll make a no-pressure offer to you as well.

  • 3

    Agree To What's Discussed On The Call

    When we are on the call and you hear and accept everything then you will get a free testimonial video.

Click The Button Below To See If You Qualify

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Here's What A Few Clients Had To Say About Their Videos


Can Anyone Get A Free Testimonial Video?

Yes and no. There is a qualifying process you have to go through. If you qualify then I will include a free testimonial video for you. If you don’t qualify, then you won’t get the free video.

What's The Catch?

To get a free testimonial video you have to qualify. There are 3 steps to qualify. The first is answer a few questions by clicking the start button above. The second step is hopping on a quick call with me if you’re approved for it. And finally, you’ll be presented with a no-pressure offer on that call. If you accept the offer you’ll get a free done-for-you testimonial video along with the offer.

Can Existing Clients Get A Free Testimonial

Yes. But they still have to go through the qualifying process as well.

What Happens If I Don't Qualify For A Free Testimonial Video

If you answer the questions in the first part of the qualifying process and it lets you know you’re not ready for the free testimonial video you will be presented with a free gift as a thank you for your time. If you REALLY want to qualify you can go through the question process again. If you’re approved from there then you will have to schedule a call, show up for that call, and agree to everything on that call. If you do that, then you’ll get your free video.

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