Do You Have Testimonial Videos But Not Sure What To Do With Them To Make Them Work?

If so, scroll down to learn more about the interactive marketing call that will give you a customized plan to implement.

So what are you doing with your testimonial videos once you've collected them? Would you be surprised to know that 9 out of 10 business owners do nothing with them other then slap them on their website?

Now, there's nothing wrong with that and we recommend that you do that.Website with video

But there's so much more you can do with them that will ACTUALLY generate leads and increase conversions.

These are the type of things that very few people even know about.

Even the marketing gurus rarely use their social proof to the fullest extent.

So What Does This Mean?

It basically means that you are losing leads, and money.

Think about it.  Not using your testimonial videos to their fullest is like telling your customers and clients to not talk about your business.  

silence- shhAnd whenever they do, you try to only put them in one place where they can do it.

Wouldn't you want as many customers and clients telling as many people as possible about your business?


But not knowing how or where to use your testimonial videos is not your fault.

That's because very few people have invested time to test and try different ways to get the most out of them.

So What Can You Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Testimonial Videos?

Well, you can spend hours upon hours searching the interwebz for articles and videos to look for different ways to use your testimonial videos.

But when you do that you're not going to find much other than the basics of putting them on your website and a few other ideas.

On top of that what you find may not be specific to your business. It'll be general information.stop wasting time

The other option is that you can spend hours and hours and tons of money to test what will work best for you.

Eventually you'll find some things that work, but it'll still only be a piece or two of the puzzle.

Here's The Simplest And Most Cost Effective Solution...

If you're not sure exactly what to do with your testimonial videos, or you don't want to spend hours and a ton of money testing all sorts of variables there is a simple solution.

And that is the testimonial video marketing call.

Up until now this has only been reserved for done-for-you video clients, and a few people who reached out privately.

But we realized how many business owners were simply losing out by not knowing how to use their testimonial videos.

So we have now opened up the custom testimonial marketing call.


What Is The Testimonial Video Marketing Call?

It's really simple. It's an interactive call with you or your marketing team where we take you step-by-step on how to use your testimonial videos.

This call is specifically tailored for your business.

Originally we had standard text and videos showing our clients how to do this. But we found that each business was different so we decided to switch to an interactive call.

This way we could specifically meet the needs of each business.

How Does This Interactive Call Work?

The first step is to click the button below and submit your payment.

The next step is we will send you a basic intake form. On this form we will ask you about your business, what is currently working and a few other details that will help us specifically create a marketing plan for your business.

Once we have that intake form then we will send over the technical details and schedule our interactive call.

Then we will have the call.

And that's it.

What Will This Call Cover?

This is a tough question to answer because the call itself will be custom tailored to fit your business and your marketing strategies.

Everything will be based on the info you supply on the intake form.

Once we have all that info we create a custom plan to fit your business.

All this being said, we can cover anything from how to use testimonial videos on your website, to social media, to Facebook Ads.

The idea is to create the simplest, most effective plan possible for you. That way you can implement things immediately with as little work possible.

It's important that we don't overwhelm you with info, details, and work.

So we won't just be jamming a ton of info down your throat.  It will be simple and easy to implement as well.

What's The Cost For This Call?

As mentioned above this call was usually reserved for our current clients. The times where we worked with people outside of this we charged $500 per call for this.

But since this is a special offer and we want to make it cost effective we are NOT going to charge you $500.

We are offering a special price right now for only $100.

But this price only lasts for the next 48 hours. 

After that the price goes back up.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click the button below and submit your payment. From there you'll receive the intake form. Once you submit the payment and the info is received you will receive a link to schedule a time for the call.

** Please note you will need a few minutes to fill out the intake form. We need some detailed info so that way we can specifically create your marketing plan.

So If You Want To Take Advantage Of This Special Price Click The Button Below

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  • q-iconHow Long Will This Call Be?

    The call will be up to 60 minutes in length. That is generally more than enough time to do the call as long as the intake form is filled out.

  • q-iconWhere Will The Call Take Place?

    For the most part the call will take place on Zoom.  We can do it on Facetime or Skype as well. But Zoom works best.

  • q-iconDo I Need To Be On The Call?

    It is highly recommended that you are. If you have a marketing team it is recommended they are on the call as well.

  • q-iconWill This Call Be Recorded?

    As long as we do the call on Zoom, Skype, Or Facetime it will be recorded.  Zoom is recommended so that way we share screens and windows and have it recorded.

  • q-iconWhat Will Be Covered On The Call?

    It depends on what your business is and what you’re trying to do. Once you fill out the intake form we will create a plan that you can implement immediately. That being said we can cover anything from Facebook Ads, emails, websites, etc.

  • q-iconHow Is Payment Taken?

    Payment is generally done via credit card.

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