How To Get High-Quality Testimonial Videos Done For You Every Month Without Breaking The Bank

Scroll down to see how you can get high converting testimonial videos every single month without spending an arm and a leg

If you've been in business for a little bit you know how powerful social proof can be for you. But the challenge with it is finding the time to do it, figuring out what to ask, and then getting your clients to give you quality testimonials on a consistent basis.

Usually this turns into testimonials that are just.... meh, and then months go by without you getting any new type of testimonial videos.

So I'm constantly getting requests asking if there is a way I can collect testimonial videos on a consistent basis without it breaking the bank.

Up until this point I would only do this on a monthly basis for my current clients.

But for the first time I am now opening up this option to EVERYONE.

And there will be three options for you to choose from.

Option 1 (Classic)

Every month you will receive one classic 16x9 testimonial video of one(1) of your clientsThat means it is a standard rectangular shaped video.  The video will include your logo (if you have one) and it will have a basic intro, subtitles, a call to action and music added to it.

Here's an example...

Get The Classic Option

Option 2 (Deluxe)

Every month we will take one (1) of your clients and turn them into two (2) highly produced testimonial videos up to 60 seconds long.  The first video is a 1:1 (square shaped video) video and it will include a banner (image/color border on top/bottom of video) headline, graphics, subtitles and a call to action.

The second video will be the exact same video but it's the classic version (option 1). It's 16x9, has only the subtitles, call to action, and music. There will be no graphics, banners, or headlines. Having these two videos of this one (1) client gives you the options to use them on different platforms. Again this is one client turned into two different videos.

Video 1 - Square (Graphics) Video

Video 2 - Standard (Basic) Video

Get The Deluxe Option

Option 3 (Premium)

With the third option we will take one (1) client and turn them into 3 testimonial videos plus individual clips.. With the three videos you will get a classic 16x9 video (same as option 1), a square graphics based video (same as option 2), and you will get a vertical video.

The vertical video will include the banner, headline, subtitles, music, and everything else seen in option 2.

Not only that, but  you will also receive separate individual video clips about your clients results, and experience (could be one clip or a few. It depends on the testimonial). The individual clips will include a text question before the video, the cta, logo, music, and subtitles.  It will be in the 16x9 (rectangle shape) format.

This will give multiple options to repurpose one client each month into multiple videos to use on different platforms.

Video 1 - Square (Graphics) Video

Video 2 - Standard (Basic) Video

Video 3 - Vertical (Graphics) Video

Plus With Option 3 You'll Also Get Individual Testimonial Clips

* Please note that the amount of individual clips can vary from month to month.  They depend on the testimonial. Some months you may get multiple clips. Some months you may only get one.

Get The Premium Option

How This All Works

It's really simple. To make this work either you record the testimonial of one client or you have that client record the video themselves. Then the recorded testimonial is sent to me.

From there the video is edited, processed, and worked up on my end then sent back to you when it's finished.

That's it.

This Is Important

To make this work we only need 1 client each month. So you or your client will simply have to follow the instructions I send you.  It's important those instructions are followed to make the videos work right.

And they're super easy to follow. In fact, they're just a simple checklist.

***Please know that I won't be able to accept any "old testimonial videos" that you currently have.

***Following the instructions is crucial to make the videos work right.  Sending me your old testimonial videos does not follow that framework so it won't really work right.

*** Again we only need 1 client each month. That client is then turned into multiple video(s) depending on the option you choose.

How Much Does This Cost?

So if I were to handle all of this for you and do everything like I do for my clients then the cost for option 1 would start at $400 per month for each client.  Option two would start at $500 per month and option three would start at $700 per month.

But that's not even close to what it's going to cost you.

Here is what the breakdown will be...

Classic Testimonial
$200Per Month
    Buy The Basic Package
        • 1 client/month
        • One (1) standard 16x9 testimonial video (30-60 seconds in length)
        • Logo added
        • Subtitles added
        • Call to action added
        • Music Added
    $350Per Month
      Buy The Premium Package
      • 1 client/month

      One Classic 16x9 Video (subtitles)

      One Square Video (all graphics included)

      One Vertical Video (all graphics included)

      Individual Testimonial Video Clips Of The Client  (subtitles, music, cta)


      • q-iconWhat Happens When I Purchase?

        Within 24 hours of you signing up you will receive an email that includes step-by-step instructions on how to record the testimonials, what questions to ask, how to set up, and everything else you need to put everything together.

      • q-iconAm I Tied Into A Contract?

        No, you can cancel anytime. Although my current clients stay on for at least 12 months, and many of them stay longer. This allows us to have enough testimonials to turn them into montage videos.

      • q-iconHow Many Clients Do I Send You Every Month?

        You only send one (1). From there we take that one video and turn it into the multiple videos depending on the package you choose.

      • q-iconWhat Type Of Clients Should I Send?

        Besides ones that have great results, you want to send ones that are very emotional, and ideal clients.

      • q-iconCan You Do It All For Me?

        For the monthly testimonial videos, no.  That option is reserved for current clients and is all booked up. Even if I were to open it up to you you’re going to have to pay at least twice as much as what is offered here. Other packages I’ll handle it all for you.

      • q-iconWhat Am I Responsible For?

        You are responsible for sending me one (1) testimonial on the 1st of each month. It can be one that you did of a client or it can be one that a client did on their own.

      • q-iconHow Do I Send You The Videos?

        It’s pretty simple. You’ll be sent a link to upload the videos.

      • q-iconWill You Send Me Questions To Ask?

        You’ll get a step-by-step set of instructions and questions that either you can ask, or your clients can take and answer themselves.

      • q-iconI'm A Client Of Yours, Can I Take Advantage Of This?

        If you’re NOT currently receiving monthly testimonial videos then yes.  If you are currently receiving them, then no. You’re already getting them and I’m doing the entire process for you.

      • q-iconHow Do I Get My Clients To Do It Themselves?

        You simply ask them to do a testimonial for you. When they agree to do it you just forward them the instructions I send you.

      And Finally...

      Since this is still a very time consuming process space will be limited for this.  At some point I may close the doors indefinitely due to the volume and number of clients.  So if you are looking for consistent, high quality, high converting testimonial videos I wouldn't wait on this.

      To Get Started Fill Out Your Info And Choose Your Option Below

      **Disclaimer - Completion of work will not be guaranteed within a certain time frame due to the uncontrollable nature of customer schedules. However, Social Proof Consulting will deliver completed work as prompt and as fast as possible. Delivery of finished product will be sent via a downloadable link. Social Proof Consulting client has full use and rights of completed project once they're completed. Social Proof Consulting client understands that the approval, use, and success of the testimonial videos in general or on advertising platforms is not guaranteed. Social Proof Consulting Client understand that results are not guaranteed and not typical. Social Proof Consulting reserves the right to reject any testimonial sent to them if Social Proof Consulting client does not follow the approved system. Social Proof Consulting client understands that Social Proof Consulting is not responsible for testimonials sent to us that are low-quality/ unusable.  Social Proof Consulting client understands that video quality (resolution) and audio quality of testimonials is not guaranteed due to the nature of clients' equipment and knowledge of how to use it.. Social Proof Consulting client agrees that all of their customers/ clients are actually their customers/clients, and their results are provable and true. Social Proof Consulting client agrees the Social Proof Consulting will not be held liable if false clients/claims are reported.  Social Proof Client also agrees to be a case study and share experience and results.  By agreeing to participate in this service you are accepting these terms and conditions.