Worried About The Online Advertising Shakeup?

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What's Happening To Facebook And Google Ads?

Let’s put it this way…

If you run online ads and have relied on them to build your business everything is about to change.

There is a war going on between the big platforms and it’s all based around protecting the privacy of people online.

Protecting privacy is always a good thing.

But as a business owner who uses online ads, things get a little sticky.

That’s because you rely on the “info” that is stored by those online platforms to create ads that work.

Without accurate info you’re sending your ads blindly and just throwing money out the window.

Imagine creating an ad for Facebook and having no way to target or choose audiences.

Imagine running an ad and seeing the stats only to realize those stats took at least 3 days to show up and you have no idea if those stats are accurate.

And imagine your leads and business drying up because of this.

Well, that is EXACTLY what is happening.

And over time the resources these platforms provide for you to send and track ads will be less and less.

And if you rely on online ads for your business…

This is NOT good!!!!

So What Can You Do?

Well, you have to protect yourself and double down on proven methods that work.

And in any business there are 3 areas that are proven to work.

  • Emails
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Copywriting/ ad creative aka - visuals, graphics, and messaging

But there is a MASSIVE downside to using these methods, and that is…

It takes a TON of time to do all of these.

Even just one of these takes quite a bit of time if you want to do it right.

But if you want to get through this ad shakeup, and continue to generate leads, and grow your business you’re going to want to do all three of these.

And this program is designed specifically to help you with this.

What Exactly Is This Program?

This program has been designed to fill the gap and the need that the fb ads shakeup will cause.

Because if you’re read all the content up to this point then you know how “interesting” things are going to be.

If the gaps are not filled things are going to get very ugly, very fast.

So these pieces…

  • Emails
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Copywriting/ ad creative aka - visuals, graphics, and messaging

Will fill the gap. 

As for the first piece, emails…

The content will to be have to be VERY good for them to work. They are going to have to not only engage the reader, but nurture them and get them to look forward to and open each email you send.

They will have to be well written and are going to have to be sent out on a consistent basis.

The second piece is the testimonial videos.

The key to the testimonial videos is not just quality, but quantity as well.

And if you’re reading this then you know how much of a project just collecting testimonial videos can be. 

On top of that, making sure they’re good and getting enough of them to make a difference is is a whole different level.

But if you’re going to want to deal with the ad shakeup…

These are a crucial piece you want to have.

And the final piece is the ad creative - more specifically video ads

Since the algorithms on Facebook and Google are going to be all screwed up for who knows how long...

Any sort of targeting that you want to do is going to be like trying to hit a curve ball blindfolded.

On top of that, you may not even see stats on those ads for days.

So you could be running an ad that you think is targeted towards women, ages 35-45, and it could be sending it to 20-25 year old guys.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg..

So that means that your ads, more specifically…

Video ads have to have incredible copywriting, visuals, and the messaging has to be so good that even if Facebook or Google send your ad to the wrong audience…

The ad does the filtering for you and attracts the right people, and then gets them to click on the ad.

Basically, your video ad has to be what you rely on to take care of targeting the right people.

And video is going to do that way better than text or an image.

So these three pieces…

  • Emails
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Copywriting/ ad creative aka - visuals, graphics, and messaging

Will be your lifeline.

If you run ads and rely on them to be your main lead generator…

Then these three assets HAVE to be added to your arsenal. 

Because let’s say everything you’re used to doing for your online advertising stops working…

Then what are you going to do?

Well, if you have these 3 assets in place…

Then you’ll be OK.

But again…

Each one of these takes a bunch of time to do, especially to do them right.

And that’s time that gets taken away from other parts of your business where your focus should be.

So this program will help keep that time from getting ripped away, and will help protect your business from the this ad shakeup.

What Do You Get With This?


With the email part of this program you will get four (4) high-quality, done-for-you emails that are designed to educate, entertain, and keep your audience engaged.

On top of that they will nurture your audience and have them wanting to open your next email and any piece of content that you send. 

With these emails you will also be able to edit and change them if you need to adjust a few pieces.

If you want more than four (4) that can be done as well, you just have let me know.

Testimonial Videos

The testimonial videos will be a VERY important piece to this. To make this work right you’re going to need a decent amount of them, not just one or two.

So with this program the basic level will include 4 testimonial videos.

I’d definitely recommend getting more because the more you have the better it’s going to be.

The best part is, there is a completely new system on how to collect the testimonial videos that allows me to collect more of them and keep the costs down.

So with the testimonial videos all you do is connect us with your clients...

And we’ll collect them for you, edit them, and turn them into high-quality individual testimonials.  And that’s it.

Video ads (Ad Creative)

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Now I’m sure there may be a thought on what kind of video ads will be done? 

Well, these video ads are not just some run of the mill generic ad that you can buy off of Fiverr.

They will be custom made, and designed to match your business, and offers.

So let’s say you have a 6 week challenge that you use as a front end offer. 

We will use that offer, and create a video ad exactly around that offer.

It’ll be highly engaging, and will get people to click on it so they are sent to your offer.

The copywriting will be dialed in, the visuals and graphics will draw in people’s attention...

It will keep them engaged, and have them wanting to click over to see your offer.

These are very “high-quality” video ads.

To help give you an idea here’s an example of one…

How Do You Get Access To This?

Well, here’s the short version…

Since each one of these assets is going to be tailored to your needs, I need to know a little info about the business. 

Based on what’s mentioned above it may end up where the quantity of what you need is different.

I’ll have to know where to focus the emails...

What to look for in the testimonial videos...

And what type of offer(s) the ad(s) will be created for.

So I’ll need to speak with you to get that info.

Once I know that, then I’ll explain the rest of how this’ll work and we go from there.

Here's The Good Part

When we chat, it may become apparent that you don’t need all three assets.

Maybe you only need video ads and testimonial videos because you’re a rockstar at creating amazing emails. 

Well, that’s OK. Then all we go with are those two assets. 

If you find out later that you do need the emails, then we can add them on. 

It’s all based on what is going to work best for you.  

So there will be a lot of flexibility will this. 

What's The Cost?

Without knowing your needs it would be really tough to give you an exact cost right now.

It would be like a contractor quoting you on a new bathroom without actually seeing what work needs to be done.

It just wouldn’t work.

That’s the same idea here.

But here’s what I can tell you…

I have new systems in place that will help keep the costs lower than what I would have charged for this in the past. 

And that’s a good thing 🙂

This Is Important

Now, this is VERY important and is not some sort of scarcity trick…

Even though the systems in place to do this work for you are very good…

This program requires a lot of time to create these assets for you.

So I will only be working with a handful of businesses with this.

  • And this is NOT for businesses that are brand new.
  • You have to have a decent amount of clients (need that for testimonial vids).
  • You have to have a decent “email list” (need this to send emails too) .
  • And you have to advertise online and understand how this works ( need this for video ads).

If you have those, and want access to this program…

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And Finally...

If right now you understand the importance of making sure you’re prepared and protected for the “ad shakeup” then you know that having your emails, testimonial videos, and video ads are going to be CRUCIAL.

If you’ve built a lot of your business on Facebook or Google ads and you don’t have these assets in place…

Things are going to “not be fun.”

And after everything that’s happened with COVID and the business environment, the last thing I want is for this “ad shakeup” to make things worse.

So you’ve gotta have these assets in place.

And if you need them (which you will) and don't want to spend all your time focusing on this…

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