Rick Converted 55 Out Of 55 Leads

This success story/ case study is with Rick Streb.  Rick is a successful entrepreneur who has multiple business.

Rick reached out to us to see how we could help him with his fitness business.

He was looking to see how we could help his business get their messaging across in a more impactful way. He also wanted to generate more leads which were much higher quality.

So we went through Rick's business. We dove into how he ran his business, the type of clients he had, how he marketed it, and everything else in between.

Once we had this info we created the plan and layout for the exact type of testimonial videos that would work with his business. Below are are two of the videos we created for Rick.

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A Very Important Note On This System...

What we did for Rick does NOT use unethical, hyped up, or cheesy gimmicks that marketers and gurus are pushing for you to grow your business. In fact one of the reasons we created this system was because we were tired of seeing that stuff everywhere.

  • This Is Different...

    This is real and includes real people (your actual clients) to help you grow your business. And we do all the work for you.

  • Leads, Sales, And Conversions

    With this process we are able to attract the leads you want, generate sales, and even convert leads who are on the fence.

  • Emotional Connection

    This success video system creates a deep emotional connection with prospects interested in your business.

Here Are Two Videos We Did For Rick...

How'd Rick Use These Videos?

Once the videos were created we then helped create a plan on how to use them. This plan was based around leveraging the strengths of Rick's business.

The goal was to attract the perfect clients for Rick, and repel the ones that were not a good fit.

So a simple landing page was created with the idea that we wanted to leverage the power of the main montage video, and add an extra level of filtering by including an application.

You can see this landing page below.


From there, anyone who completed the application was sent to a thank you page (below) where we leveraged the second montage video.

This was the perfect one two punch to not only attract and repel the right type of clients, but to also now see the emotional side of the business, and who was behind the scenes.

The Videos Were Also Leveraged On Social Media

You saw the landing page(s) above, and below are just a few ways the videos were leveraged on Facebook as well.

The videos were so powerful, that there was no need for anything fancy. The simplicity of the marketing allowed the videos to show their full strength.

Here's another simple way the videos were leveraged on Facebook...


Here's The Best Part...

The results Rick got from his videos were better than he ever expected.  Just on the first run he ended up generating 55 leads.  Of those 55 leads, he closed every single one of them.

The videos not only helped drive leads into his business...

But they also were extremely high quality and were the exact leads he was looking for.

The coolest part was, he did no work at all in collecting the testimonials and creating the videos.  We did it all for him.  All he had to do was connect us with his clients and then we took it from there.

Once the videos were done, we spoke with Rick on the best ways to use them. And you can see above how it all turned out.

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Oh, and one more thing.  If your still not sure about all of this, we would be more than happy to connect you with Rick so you can ask him all the questions you want about this process.