Do Your Video Testimonials Look And Sound Like This?


Would You Rather Your Testimonial Videos Look
And Sound Like This?


Here's What's Interesting...

There is nothing wrong with the first video clip you saw above.  In fact it's the way most testimonials look and they'll work pretty well.

But that standard look and sound is what makes it less effective than the second video.

What We Found With The Second Video Style Is...

Not only does it look waaaaaay better. But the testimonial actually gets...

- Watched more

- More engagement

- Liked and shared more

- Lower bounce rates on websites

- Increased conversions

And get this...

**It can lower your ad costs if you're running ads.

Not only that but with the updated version you will now have two of the same videos to test with your ads.

Pretty cool, huh?

And When It Comes To Any Type Of Marketing...

The name of the game is to make your marketing work as best as it can.

So if you can make something better by making a few small adjustments, why wouldn't you do it?

The interesting thing is, the adjustments you see between the two videos above make a HUGE difference.

And Times Are Changing

It wasn't that long ago that video couldn't be used in online marketing because the technology wasn't ready yet.

But today, video is HUGE. Especially on social media.

And the updated testimonial video has been designed to work perfectly with social media. As mentioned before it engages viewers and it's going to be liked and shared more.

But it doesn't just work with social media.  It works on websites, sales pages, landing pages, and any other place you want to put it.

The Updated Testimonial Works So Much Better That...

We've pretty much shifted our entire testimonial model to this updated version. 98% of our clients videos are being done this way now.

We even do our own marketing using this style because it just works better.

So Here's What This Is All About

We are now offering what we like to call the "testimonial upgrade program."

This is where we take your old testimonial videos and upgrade them to the 2.0 version.

What's Included In The Testimonial Upgrade Program?

It's pretty simple really.  We will...

  • Create and add a catchy headline
  • Add a banner that matches the branding of your business
  • Add or change music to your old video to make it really "pop."
  • We will add subtitles so that people can read what is being said without audio
  • We will add a logo if you have one and it's not on the original video
  • We will add what's called a progress bar
  • And we will add a bunch of our behind the scenes magic (and secrets) to make your video "pop."

Here's An Example...

So Is This Right For You?

Well, the reality is most testimonial videos have that standard look. And while that look does work (we still use it for certain clients) it doesn't work as well as the upgraded testimonial.

Besides that, the upgraded testimonial is different. 

So it'll stand out compared to what the competition has.

And any time you can be different is a good thing.

Lastly, look at it this way...

Why wouldn't you do something that works better?

You don't have to spend time searching out new people for testimonials.

The content is already done so you don't have to collect it.

And all you have to do is send us the video and we'll update it for you.

So you get a better looking, sounding, and more powerful video that you don't have to do any of the work.

On top of that you won't have to pay an arm and a leg to have the video upgraded.

OK, So What Does This Cost?

If you were to hire us to collect and do these videos from scratch it would cost multiple thousands of dollars.

But since all we have to do is upgrade the videos it won't cost anywhere near as much as that.

So we just need to have a quick chat to find out the details about your business and testimonial videos.

Once we know those details we can give you the best price possible.

Don't worry though, our conversation isn't some sort of pushy sales call. It's really for us to get the necessary info about your business and videos so we know exactly what to do.

You can even check out what our client Lyonel had to say about the call below...


"The initial phone call was like two buddies just getting together on the phone talking.... It was just natural and easy. There was no pressure. There was no salesy anything. There was no pitch for it. It was just… Hey, what’s going on, how are you doing? Then at the end I was like, all right I want to do this. He didn’t ask me, he didn’t push me, he didn’t force me. It was just a natural thing. It was just a simple conversation between friends, that’s what it felt like."
Lyonel L.

So If You'd Like To Upgrade Your Testimonials
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