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"What I liked is that we had an initial Skype conversation where he wanted to find out from me things about my business, and what it was I was wanting to get across in the videos. Which would then give him ideas to the questions he would ask.

So he really dove deep into our business and seemed to actually care about what we did to be able to find that information out to then ask the couples and the clients to get the best testimonials.

So it started very early on in the that process. And because he'd asked all the questions, and spent that time in the initial Skype conversation, it meant that when I gave him all the information, he could just go off and take care of it."

Chris G.

"The initial phone call was like two buddies just getting together on the phone talking. That’s really what it was. Even though we were meeting for the first time, it didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time.

It was just natural and easy.  There was no pressure.  The was no salesy anything. There was no pitch for it. It was just… Hey, what’s going on, how are you doing?

We talked about each other.  He asked a few questions about me and what I’m doing in business, and how I work. He explained a bit more about what he did, and how he would put it together and we just talked.

Then at the end I was like, all right I want to do this. He didn’t ask me, he didn’t push me, he didn’t force me. It was just a natural thing. It was just a simple conversation between friends, that’s what it felt like."

Lyonel L.

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