How to prove our social proof is real

How To Prove Your Social Proof Is Real

Want to know how to prove your social proof is real and believable to your audience? Make sure you watch this video. The whole idea of social proof is to build

Why Business Owners Don’t Collect Testimonial Videos Want to know why business owners don't collect testimonial videos? Actually, let's rephrase that... Why don't smaller business owners collect them? The big boys do, and they put in a huge effort to
How To Make Bad Testimonial Videos Better

How To Make A Bad Testimonial Video Better Let’s talk about how to make a bad testimonial video better. After watching thousands upon thousands of testimonial videos over the years, I can say that a large majority of them
How to fix testimonial videos with bad audio

How To Fix Testimonial Videos With Bad Audio Today we're going to talk about how to fix testimonial videos with bad audio. The truth is... You can have amazing high-definition video quality, but if your audio is crap... So is your
Testimonial Video ROI Calculator

Testimonial Video Calculators

Below are three different calculators you can use to help determine the basic value of one single testimonial video. Keep in mind, there are other factors that determine the true