Video Ad Samples

We Can Create Video Ads For Any Offers, Landing Pages, Sales Pages And More
Check Out A Few Samples Below

Take a look at the sample video ads below.  These videos will give a basic idea of what we can create for you. And these just scratch the surface.

We can create video ads from the ground up (custom) that can send you highly targeted traffic towards your offers or promotion. We can even take the samples below and redo them to match your business.

We can create...

  • One video
  • Multiple videos
  • Video campaigns
  • Different sizes and formats
  • And a whole lot more

It just comes down to what your needs are.

So take a look at some of the samples below and then if you want to know more click the button at the bottom of the page.

30 Day Challenge Sample

video placeholder

Consultation Sample - 1x1

video placeholder

28 Day Challenge Sample

video placeholder

Testimonial Ad Sample 1x1

video placeholder

What Are These Video Ads For?

  • Sales Offers/Pages

    Have a sales page that needs high-quality traffic? We can create video ads for that.

  • Landing Pages

    Want a video ad that generates traffic to a landing page? That can be created easily for you.

  • Content Video Ads

    Need a video ad that is content or education based? That is something we can do too.

  • Formats And Sizes

    Need video ads that are different shapes, like square, or vertical? You can have that too.

  • Facebook Video Ads

    Run ads on Facebook? We’ve got you covered there.

  • Instagram Video Ads

    Instagram video ads?  Check!!! Those can be take created as well.

  • Youtube Video Ads

    Uh, huh. If you needs ads for this platform, we got you.

  • LinkedIn Video Ads

    Want ads created for LinkedIn? That’ll be no problem.

  • Amazon Video Ads

    These are a bit different than other video ads, but we can create AVA’s (Amazon Video Ads) and SBV’s (Sponsored Brand Videos) too.

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