You’re Going To Want To Watch This Video

When it comes to making social proof interactive there is zero flexibility.

It leaves you as the visitor only one choice to read, watch, and learn what others have to say. Since there is no flexibility for you, either the social proof appeals to you or it doesn’t. But what if you get to choose what you want to consume?

You’d probably stick around a little bit longer because you can choose what you want to see…right?

Sounds like a dream.

Well, it’s actually a reality. And I’m going to start implementing it from time to time here.

And in this post, I’m going to showcase a very basic version of this interactive video so you can choose what you want to watch.

Plus you get to see the basic idea of how it works.

So check out the video and see how it’s designed to be interactive so that you get a simple choice in what you want to watch.