Below are a few videos that were selected to give you an idea of the types of videos that could be done for the detailing business. We would just need to chat for a few minutes and figure out what you’re trying to do and what would be best for your detailing business.

FYI – The majority of the videos my company does are sales and testimonial videos for businesses all over the world. They range from e-commerce businesses to real estate. There are also videos for a few local businesses as well. We don’t do many “fast-paced” high-energy promotion videos because our clients don’t request those. That being said, those types of videos can easily be done and might be good for you. It just depends on what we figure will work best for you.

Product Sales Video Samples

Below are two e-commerce sales videos that we did for clients. They’re not designed to be flashy, they’ve been designed to generate sales and increase conversions.

Social Media Ad Sample

Below is an animated video ad for a fitness business. This video was built from scratch and is a very time-consuming process but is designed specifically for platforms such as Facebook advertising. This may not be a good fit for you but wanted to show you a sample.

Youtube Motorcycle Installation Video

This was a video I personally created for one of my Youtube channels. It’s a video showing step-by-step how to install a motorcycle exhaust… It’s the closest I have to any type of car video but I wanted to share it since it is “vehicle” related.

Promo Video Sample

Below is a sample video that was done with just a GoPro camera for a business in New York City. We wanted it to feel gritty and raw so it was shot that way. To keep it simple I used myself and a friend in the video.

Youtube Ad Sample

These are two videos created specifically to be used as Youtube ads. They were done for a local client to get people to schedule appointments

Content Video

This is a sample content video for the same local client as the Youtube ads above. This type of video is created to educate his followers as to how he can help and also what he provides.

E-Sports “Explainer Video”

This video was put together to explain and break down the details of the launch of a new program for an e-sports company.

If you want to see sample testimonial videos that can be done click here.