Let’s talk about how to generate leads with testimonial videos, shall we?

Most of the businesses I’ve worked with in the past started out having their testimonial videos on their website.

They’d have a few here and there.

Some businesses would have a dedicated page for their social proof which is always a great thing to have.

But that’s about as far as they would go in using their videos.

Well, let’s just say there are a TON of other ways to use your videos to get more out of them.

Especially when it comes to generating leads.

Having them just sit on your website is cool.

But you’ve gotta get people to see the videos for them to work.

If no one sees the videos, then they’re not gonna do much for the business.

And the very first thing every business owner can do is switch their mindset on what testimonial videos are.

They are not just “social proof.”

They are actually assets.

And when you think of them as an asset it gets easier to come up with ways to use them.

Plus they now have more value to the business.

Since they really are assets, just having them sit on a website is kind of wasting their power.

So ask yourself…

How do I get people to see these videos?

I bet you can easily come up with three ways to get more people to see the videos.

And if you want to prime the pump and help get more ideas flowing then you can start by watching the video above that will show you one simple way to generate leads with testimonial videos.

I’ve found that this strategy works well.

And it’s been working well for years.

So if you want to generate leads with testimonial videos watch the video above.

Implement what’s on there.

And then write down two other ways that you can use them.

If you just do this…

Your testimonial vids will end up getting you more high-quality leads.

And if you want videos that will work then make sure you have the quickstart guide.

You can download it by clicking the image below.