So when is the best time to capture a testimonial video?

Well, if you ever listen to most of the gurus and marketers out there who talk about testimonial videos, you’ll hear them say…

“Get your testimonials and social proof when your client/customer has received their biggest result.”

Now, that is 100% accurate.

That really is an ideal time to capture a testimonial.

It shows proof that your product, program, or service really works and can deliver massive benefits.

And you know what else?

Having testimonials that show massive results will…

Boost conversions, and help generate leads for you.

But, when it comes to testimonial videos (not just written testimonials or photos) the gurus always miss a few key elements.

For a testimonial video to actually convert at a higher level and generate the type of leads you want…

The video MUST not be all about results.

Sounds backward… right?

Well, it’s true.

If it’s not all about showcasing results.

That’s because that is what everyone else is trying to do because of what gurus and marketers have said to do.

It’s actually all about…

  • Making sure the viewer actually watches the video.
  • Getting the viewer to actually believe the results.
  • Creating an emotional connection that gets the viewer to believe that you are the best option for them.

And when you just talk about results in testimonials, that actually makes it harder to convert a prospect into a lead and then into a customer.

So to make it easier, you have to make sure it’s not just about results.

And it’s much easier to capture everything you know the best time to capture a testimonial video.

Sometimes it is at the end of the program, and sometimes it’s not.

And in the video above you’ll see how to determine when that perfect time is.

Lastly, making sure you actually record the testimonial the right way is just as important. If it’s done wrong, it can do more harm than good.

To make sure your testimonial videos are done right make sure you have the quickstart guide below. It’s free and will get you lined up correctly to get great testimonial videos.