Want to see a testimonial video review?

Want to know what to look out for when doing your testimonial reviews or hiring someone to do them? This review will give you a good idea.

When it comes to having good video testimonials, most of what we know is based on what we see others doing.

Or, we listen to a marketer/guru that says to do them a certain way.

Both ways are not always correct. There is a lot more that goes into doing a testimonial video the right way. Just because a marketer says to do it one way, does not mean it is right.

A lot of times they neglect some of the most important aspects because even they don’t really know.

They’re telling you what to do with the testimonials based on what they’ve been told.

So in the video above, you’ll see a short 20-second testimonial. It’ll point out the good parts, and where they could have done better.

In fact, a lot of the errors in this video are the same ones that most businesses make, regardless of the size of the business.

So if you are collecting testimonial videos of your customers and clients, watch this testimonial video review so you know what to watch out for.

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