Facebook groups can be a huge tool for businesses. Especially if the group is more engaging. But there’s one interesting thing that you don’t see much when it comes to FB groups. 

And that is you don’t see many testimonial videos from the business used in the group.

Which is strange.

Because that is a HUGE mistake where a lot can be left on the table.

And in the video, above you’ll see exactly why testimonial videos should be used more within your FB group(s).

Not only that you’ll see how testimonial videos that are done the right way can actually create more engagement and content for the group.

So if you’re not using testimonial videos within your group, or you’re not doing it enough, check out the video above.

Oh, and want to make sure the leads you get from this are higher-quality?

Then make sure you check out the free training that shows you how to use testimonial videos to filter out the leads you don’t want. You can get it by clicking on the image below.