Video Transcript

Did you know that there is one time during the year that is more important to collect testimonial videos than any other?

Actually, there are two times, but we’re gonna talk about the 1st one. And the 1st one is right now.

And I don’t mean, like, get it done right now, like everybody says, hustle, grind, do all that stuff. No, what I mean is this time of year.

You have just had an influx of brand new clients. They’re going through the programs, and now they’re seeing results.

And when they come in as a big batch like that, it really comes across in the energy and emotion that are in these people.

So we want to be able to collect that energy and emotion in our videos. So make sure no matter what you’re doing, that you stop it and collect testimonial videos.

And I don’t mean like, “hey, take out your phone record a testimonial and send it back to me.” Or you saying “I’m gonna hold this phone and recorded a testimonial. ”

No, you got to do it right, because if you don’t do it right, you’ll miss out on that energetic component, you’ll miss out on those emotions, and you will miss out on having an incredibly good testimonial video.

And on top of that, make sure you have a plan on how to use them. Because no matter what, you got all these videos and you don’t know how to use them, they’re not gonna do much good.

“I love it when a plan comes together. “

So create a plan, collect those testimonial videos. If you are super busy and don’t know how, let me know, more than happy to help you with them.

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But make sure that you are not missing out on collecting testimonial videos right now.

I took some screen frame stuff.

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Uh, s**t, what are we talking about today?

S**t, what am I talking about?

Try and take two.

Now I remember. Hello focus.

The most important time no, that is wrong.