Want to know why business owners don’t collect testimonial videos?

Actually, let’s rephrase that…

Why don’t smaller business owners collect them?

The big boys do, and they put in a huge effort to get as many as they can.

But even then…

It can be a lot more.

So let’s dive into the 7 reasons why business owners don’t collect them.

1. They Don’t See The Value In Them

Yup. They know they’re valuable, but they don’t really know how valuable they are. Since they don’t spend time collecting and using them, they never realize they have a cash cow sitting right in front of them.

Only if they had some way to figure out their value. Oh, wait, they do. They can use this guide and this calculator.

If they knew the true impact testimonial videos have, they’d be all over em’ like white on rice.

2. They Take Too Much Time To Collect

Now, I’m not going to lie. To do them right does take time. Time that could be better spent on something else in their business.

But it doesn’t take that much time to get decent videos.

And just having a few decent videos collected consistently will do more than you think.

Of course, if they have no time or just don’t want to do them, they could always outsource them.

3. It’s Challenging And Awkward To Get Clients On Camera

Most people hate being on camera.

So when you ask clients to do it, they’ll usually hesitate.

It’ll also be awkward because your clients want to help you but don’t know how to tell you they don’t want to be on camera.

That discomfort is enough to keep business owners and even their staff from approaching clients to ask them for testimonial videos.

4. They Don’t Know What Questions To Ask Or What To Do When They Run Out Of Questions

This is pretty normal and happens to just about every person who is interviewing a client for a testimonial video.

The business owner wants a good testimonial and comes prepared with a set of scripted questions.

But usually, those questions are not that great, and they don’t allow the client to go deeper.

So the client’s answers usually have very little substance to them and are lacking in details.

Which leaves the business owner scrambling and trying to come up with something off the top of their head to ask.

But many times, there’s nothing.

Just going through that one time is enough to keep business owners and their staff from wanting to collect testimonial videos.

5. They Don’t Know What To Do With The Videos

This is one of the biggest reasons why business owners don’t collect testimonial videos.

They have these amazing assets but are stuck trying to figure out how to use them to help their business.

Of course, they put them on their website and post them on social media, but that’s about it.

They don’t realize that there are so many ways to leverage them outside of this that it’s costing them a ton of business.

We’re talking about things like ads, emails, promotions, referrals, webinars, sales calls, text messages, and so on.

But it’s also not the business owner’s fault. There’s no one really teaching this stuff.

Hopefully, this site and the resources are helping.

6. The Tech Stuff Scares Them Away

If you’re going to do a testimonial video the right way, it does take a few tech gadgets and some software.

Knowing how to use all of them to make the video work isn’t hard, but for some business owners, it’s enough to say…

Nope, not gonna even try.

I even know one business owner who still uses a typewriter because he is afraid of learning about the computer.

7. They’re Lazy

Yup, I said it. They are lazy.

They know the videos are important, they actually know their real value, but they don’t want to collect them, or even outsource it.

They’d rather do whatever they’re doing and keep on doing that.

But the lazy business owners are also the ones who tend to struggle, are overworked, and are stressed all the time.

If they just put a little effort into grabbing testimonial videos, things would be a lot better for them.

But to each their own.

So those are the 7 reasons why business owners don’t collect testimonial videos.

If you find yourself falling into any of these categories…

It’s OK.

I was there as well.

It wasn’t until I learned their real value and impact that the light bulb finally went off.

And if you know that you need more testimonial videos but have not been collecting enough of them…

Ease on into it, and you’ll find they’ll become a huge asset to you.

If you really want to step up your game, then let’s have a little chat.

We can go over how to capture incredible testimonial videos and even create a plan for how to use them.

If that sounds good…

Then click here, and I’ll speak with you on the other side.