Ever watch that TV show Billions? I know quite a few business owners who really enjoyed that show. From my experience and what I read, the show is pretty accurate in how the finance world operates. But there is one scene from that show that stands out in particular. It’s this one…

Now, of course, this is completely fake. But you know what? So much of the messaging and marketing around testimonial videos and social proof is boring.

It’s dry; it’s not sexy.

So why not add a little bit to it to make it slightly more entertaining?

That being said, the message in the video is spot on.

You can collect and do all of your own testimonial videos.

In fact, I recommend it. That’s because most businesses don’t have enough social proof.

But there is one important element to keep in mind when collecting the testimonial videos yourself.

That is, there’s a good chance the final videos won’t represent the true vibe, nature, and feel of your business.

On top of that, this can cause you to get lower-quality leads, and conversions won’t be anywhere near as good as they can be.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the big ones is that you, your staff, or anyone who works for you end up being too close to your customers and clients.

And when you are too close to them…

They don’t feel comfortable opening up and sharing their true story.

They’ll usually give you the highlights, but there won’t be any depth.

And when there is no depth, there is very little emotional connection with the viewers.

Of course, your testimonial videos want to showcase results, but everyone else’s does that.

For you to stand out, there MUST be some sort of connection between the viewer and your client.

And that comes with the clients’ story.

There has to be emotion and depth to it.

When you or your staff interview your clients, it makes it hard for them to open up to you because it’s awkward to do so.

It’s like asking your significant other to tell you how great you are to your face.

It’s weird, and it’s awkward.

But when you have a third party do the interviews and the videos for you, and when they do it right, they can ask the deep questions and get your clients to share the deepest, most emotional parts of their story.

Plus, having a third party do this frees up your time to focus on the bigger levers of your business.

So when it’s time to collect testimonial videos (which should be done all the time), ask yourself if you prefer testimonials that connect and convert better or not.

If you want those types of videos, then have a third party do them for you.

But not just any third party, one that specializes in testimonial videos.

If you’re in need of high-converting testimonial videos and want them done by a third party that specializes in them, then click the button below.