Today we’re going to talk about finding the most effective testimonial video clips. The reason you want to find these clips is so that you can take them and edit them into one high-converting testimonial.

To find the best clips to edit together, there are six key areas that you want to focus on.

But before we dive into those six areas, it’s important to know that most businesses only focus on one or two of them. Which I’ll share with you below.

That’s because they haven’t been taught where to look.

What happens when they only use clips from one or two areas is that they usually cripple the effectiveness of their testimonial vids.

So to keep that from happening, you want to focus on six key areas.

The Six Places To Find The Most Effective Testimonial Video Clips

  1. Collect Raw Testimonial Videos Longer Than 60 Seconds – Now, this isn’t a specific area, but it’s massively important, and it’s the first piece to focus on. Generally, the longer the video, the more footage you have to find better clips. Videos that are under 60 seconds won’t have enough good footage to use to edit together one good video. So collect longer testimonial videos.

  2. Look For The Biggest Challenges And Struggles – This is usually one of the areas that most businesses focus on. Using clips that show struggles and challenges helps the viewer connect with the person in the video. They set the stage for most testimonial videos.

  3. The Results – This is the second area that most businesses focus on collecting. Obviously, they should. One of the goals of a good testimonial video is to prove you get results, so you want to make sure you use these clips. When editing, grab as many result clips as you can, even if it’s the smallest result.

  4. Experience/ What Makes You Different – Depending on your niche, it’s super important to show what a client’s or customers experience will be like. If you’re selling products, the experience is a bit harder to show, so you will want to find clips that show how your product or service is different.

  5. Emotions – This is the most important part. Most business owners think it’s the results. But the more emotional clips you can find and include in a video with results, the better it will connect and the better it will convert. You’ll want to look for anything like crying, sighs, deep breaths, pauses where a customer or client needs to compose themselves, or anything like that. This is why a longer video is important. A short video will rarely have enough time to let the emotion come out.

  6. A Call To Action Or Wrap Up – You want to find a clip from the raw video that will help to close out the finished edited video. I always like getting the person doing the testimonial to say some sort of call to action. That way, it is them telling the viewer what to do next. If you’re not able to find a good CTA clip, you can always find a good benefit to help wrap up the video.

If you are able to find all this footage, then it sets you up to put together a very good testimonial video.

Of course, a raw video may not need to be edited at all. It could already include everything it needs. But most times they don’t. By pulling out the most effective testimonial video clips and then editing them into another video…

Helps to keep the viewer interested in the video and helps to connect with it as well.

So if you want testimonial videos that convert, get better leads, and pre-sell your audience, this is something you’ll want to focus on.

And it all starts with finding the most effective testimonial video clips from raw testimonials from your clients and customers.

Don’t Want To Spend Time Finding These Clips?

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