Let’s talk a little bit about how to increase client retention with testimonial videos.

When it comes to keeping clients or customers with you for a longer period of time, there are a whole mess of ideas and strategies that people talk about.

But what very few, if anyone, talk about is how to do it with testimonial videos.

Well, you’re going to see five very simple strategies you can use that will help.

In fact, some of my clients have used these strategies to keep clients for years.

The best part is that you don’t have to use all five of the methods described here. You could use just one or two if they work really well.

Either way, simply using them will make a difference.

So what are the 5 ways to increase client retention with testimonial videos?

1. Choose clients that you think may not be sticking around for much longer.

Basically, you find a client or customer that you think may be on the way out and ask if you can get a testimonial video from them.

If they say yes, you get it, and let them know you’ll be sharing it on social media, your website, etc.

Capturing their testimonial and letting them know you’re using it publicly lets them know that they are the face of your business.

When the client knows they are now the public face of your business for everyone to see, they will feel more inclined to not only stay but also continue to aim for better results.

It’s a bit of public accountability.

And it’s this that will have them staying on board for a while longer.

2. Make Capturing The Testimonial Video An Appreciation Event

Most times, when you ask a client or customer for a video testimonial, there can be some resistance.

They don’t like being on camera; they’re afraid of what others might think, and so on.

But if you make it an event, such as a monthly client spotlight video where you congratulate them on being the client of the month, it makes them feel appreciated.

And the more appreciation they get, the longer they will stay with you. As long as their results are good.

3. Time Frame Testimonial Videos

This one is a simple one.

The idea behind this is to simply let clients and customers know that you collect testimonial videos at pre-determined time frames.

For example, every three months.

The accountability principle applies to this one as it does to number one above.

Plus, it’s also a way to track and record progress, which you can let them know is the reason for doing the videos.

They will want to see the progress over time.

Of course, progress may slow down over time. That’s why, after a few videos, you begin to space out the time to collect the next one.

For example, every 6 months.

4. Milestone Testimonial Videos

With this strategy, you capture a testimonial from a customer or client at every big milestone they achieve.

For example, let’s say a fitness business has a 10-pound weight loss club. As soon as a client loses their first 10 pounds, you get a testimonial video from that client.

Then, let’s say the next milestone is 25 pounds; you capture a video then as well.

It could be any milestone.

By doing this (and letting clients know you do this), it will show your appreciation for their hard work and how far they’ve come.

To put it simply, it’s the same idea as using the belt system (white belt, purple belt, etc) in martial arts.

And finally…

5. Rewards

This is the same idea as a referral program.

You let clients know that once they give you a testimonial video, they can receive rewards for promoting the video.

For example, if they share the video on social media and get 20 likes, 10 comments, and 5 shares, they get a gift.

You can create whatever criteria you want.

But to make it work, you want to make sure they promote their video, and then you reward them for doing so.

The more rewards they get, the more they share the video, and the longer they stay with you.

So there are five ways to increase client retention with testimonial videos.

Go ahead and try these and see what happens to your retention rates.

There’s a very good chance they’ll go way up because of this.

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