Is it a good idea to edit testimonial videos or not? Well, there is a bit of a debate on this.

On one hand, an unedited video will share the client’s or customer’s real response.

And the moment you start to edit the video, it can change their story if you’re not careful.

Of course, there are marketers/editors out there that don’t care about that and will want the testimonial edited into a completely different story.

And just know…

You don’t want to ever do this with a testimonial video.

Besides the fact that it’s a douche move, when your client sees the video, they are not going to be happy that you misrepresented what they were saying.

Nothing says, “take a testimonial video down” then completely changing a client’s story.

So don’t do that.

That being said…

I’m a big believer in editing.

And there are five reasons why you want to edit testimonial videos.

1) You can make your clients and customers look and sound better

It’s more than likely that your clients will be nervous when doing the video. They may stutter, or have a ton of “um’s” or ahs when they’re talking. Just editing those out and cleaning up the video will make them look better.

Plus, that will help the video flow a bit better.

2) You can make your testimonial videos have a bigger impact.

Simple edits like adding subtitles, and music, and tightening up the video can actually get more people to watch it. Those edits can also move more people to take an action after watching the video.

3) You can create a deeper connection.

You don’t have to script out and produce a Hollywood blockbuster type of testimonial video to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

Simple edits like those mentioned before (removing um’s and ah’s, adding music) can draw viewers in more and hook them into the story.

If you don’t edit your video, the client who is sharing their story is going to have to be one hell of a storyteller to get viewers to connect deeply.

But editing most videos can help with the emotional connection.

4) You can format the testimonial video for different platforms.

Let’s say you want to use your testimonial video on TikTok.

Well, if you didn’t record that video in portrait mode (vertically), then a landscape version (16×9) isn’t going to look right on TikTok.

Throwing that video into an editor will allow you to crop and format it the right way for TikTok.

The same goes for other platforms as well.

5) Editing testimonial videos will separate you from businesses that don’t edit.

You’d be surprised how many businesses have plain, boring, un-edited video testimonials on their websites, and ads.

If you spend the time to have your video edited, it will immediately separate you from those other businesses.

And any time you can do something different from the competition, that is a good thing.

So if you are collecting client and customer stories on video, it’s important that you have them edited.

But make sure that the editing isn’t changing their story.

The goal is to enhance the video, enhance the story, and let it create a bigger impact. 

If done right, you’ll get all of that plus…

Higher quality leads and clients.

And if that sounds good, and you want your testimonial videos edited the right way without all the time and frustration, then click the link below and see how they can be edited for you.

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