The number one killer of testimonial videos is a biggie!

In the world of testimonial videos, there are all sorts of things that can sink your videos.

Things like…

Having bad audio.

The questions you ask.

Where to record the video.


But there is one killer of testimonial videos that is worse than anything else.

And in this video, you will discover what it is.

If you get this wrong, the feeling the viewers get will turn them off so badly that they will never think about working with you at all.

In fact, sometimes it will make them cringe.

That’s because testimonial videos that are done right don’t just show results.

They are designed to create a connection and feeling in the viewers so they are attracted to what you do.

In short, they are emotion generators if done right.

But this can be a two-edged sword.

They can be great at creating deep, positive, and emotional connections to you and your business.

But they’re just as good at creating negative emotions that scare people off.

So it’s crucial that you have all your ducks lined up in a row.

Especially, if you’re really trying to capture great testimonial videos.

So keeping the mistakes down to a minimum is key.

And in this video, you’ll see what the biggest mistake is.

If you can avoid this mistake…

Your videos will be better than 99% of your competitor’s testimonial videos.

Oh, and one more thing on this.

If you’re only capturing “results-only” testimonial videos and not trying to capture the customer’s real story…

You are severely limiting the quality of leads you could get.

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