Want to know what the perfect testimonial video music is? If so, then check out this video.

Just like in the movies, using music can really enhance the impact that is being made.

If you use the wrong music in a testimonial video it can make a major impact on the viewer. And not in a good way.

In fact, it can scare away the perfect prospects and leads that you want.

That’s why music is so important.

And in this video on choosing the perfect testimonial video music you’ll learn the 3 factors that go into finding that perfect sound.

If you do this right, people will watch your videos longer, be more inclined to take action (if you have a cta in the video), and it will help build a much better connection with the viewers.

So make sure you know what is the perfect testimonial music when you’re organizing all of your social proof videos.

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High converting testimonial video quick start guide