should you edit testimonial videos?

Should You Edit Testimonial Videos? Is it a good idea to edit testimonial videos or not? Well, there is a bit of a debate on this. On one hand, an unedited video will share the
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The best testimonial video structure

What Is The Best Testimonial Video Structure? Let’s talk a little bit about testimonial video structure. Or the way your video is laid out. The basics of putting together any testimonial video should be focused on telling your clients'
Dedicated Testimonial Video Page

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What Testimonial Video Ads Work Best? What type of testimonial video ads work best? Well, it’s a good bet that if you’re already using testimonial videos as ads, then you’ve probably seen certain data points that
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What Is The Perfect Testimonial Video Music? Want to know what the perfect testimonial video music is? If so, then check out this video. Just like in the movies, using music can really enhance the impact that
Number One Killer Of Testimonial Videos

The Number One Killer Of Testimonial Videos The number one killer of testimonial videos is a biggie! In the world of testimonial videos, there are all sorts of things that can sink your videos. Things like... Having bad audio. The questions