When you think about it there really are only two things all of us want.

  1. To be happy.
  2. To feel better.

And during this crazy COVID-19 pandemic we all just want to feel a bit better.

So with gyms and training facilities being open for a little bit or about to open soon it’s important to let people know that you are a HUGE resource to have people feel better.

By using the happiness quotient which is broken down in the video above will show any person who watches the testimonial video that your training business is the one that can make them feel better.

In fact, it really can help people be happier.

But it all depends on who you use for testimonial videos. Testimonial videos are not just about results.

That’s why videos of your members can be so powerful.

So make sure when selecting members for testimonial videos that you apply the happiness quotient. It’ll carry a lot of weight for the people who watch the videos.