So the longer this whole COVID-19 thing drags out the more it’s hurting businesses.

Especially the fitness industry.

Every day there are more and more brick and mortar clubs, gyms, and facilities that are closing up shop.

But some of them are moving everything online.

Which is great in a lot of ways.

Especially saving on costs. No overhead, landlords, equipment, and all sorts of other expenses.

But if you’re thinking about doing this or you already have, then things will be a bit different.

And there is one thing that you must do that is way more important than for an offline business.

Of course, it has to do with social proof!!!

Let’s put it this way. Since COVID hit, more people are moving online.

That means more competition in the online space.

That also means it’s harder to get attention and gain trust.

And there’s less word of mouth or referrals in a lot of cases.

So an online business can be even harder in many ways than having a physical location.

So the social proof aspect of things plays a much bigger role than in an offline business.

And in the video above you’ll see why and what type to focus on.