Yep, testimonial videos have changed again. If you wondering what I mean check out the video above. Basically, everything during this pandemic has changed.

Life, business, friendships, job, you name it, there has been chance.

Normally, tesitmonal vids don’t change. In fact, most social proof has never really changed.

It’s all results, emotions, story, etc.

But the past year has flipped testimonial videos and what you have to include upside down.

There’s way more that has to go into it now.

And in previous videos you’ve heard about some of those changes.

But it’s changed again.

And it’s probably gonna stay this way for quite a while.

What people need right now is very different than before the pandemic. So your videos have to cover that.

And in the video above you’ll see what you’re gonna have to include in your testimonial videos to make them relevant.

It’s not just results.

Will pure results testimonials work? Sure, but nowhere near as well as ones that include all the parts mentioned above.

So if you want to keep your social proof, and marketing relevant to your audience, make sure to include the pieces mentioned in the video above.

And if you don’t want to do that, or don’t have the time click the button below and I’ll be able to help you out.