So does quality matter with testimonial videos? Well, a few years back I shot a video along the lines of “do high-quality testimonial videos work better than low quality” and back then…

The low-quality video won out.

Since COVID has hit everything pretty hard the past year it’s shaken everything up.

Even the debate about “high-quality versus low-quality testimonial videos.

So the video above goes into this and how COVID has played a roll in the quality debate.

Just like everything else with COVID, it’s made us reevaluate everything.

And now with the online advertising reset, testimonial videos have just become that much more important.

So it’s crucial to know what is working best since you should include a HUGE increase in using your videos.

So with all the changes the past year, does the low-quality testimonial video still win out?

Check out the video above to find out.

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