If you’re reading this then you know that there’s quite a lot of power when it comes to testimonial videos.

But is there a difference between testimonial vids for offline businesses and online businesses?

Well, with the internet comes a lot more eyeballs, a lot more options, and a lot more competition.

On top of that there’s a lot more skepticism.

So that means there’s definitely some differences between capturing testimonial vids for an online business versus an offline business.

Of course the standard areas you would focus on are important for both online and offline.

But there are a few important elements you must focus on that are NOT that aren’t as much of a focus for an offline business.

And in the video above you’ll discover what those differences are.

Lastly, if you’re running an online business of any sort you’re gonna need a lot more social proof.

Like, a lot more.

So keep that in mind when collecting any sort of social proof for an online business.