Want to know a simple way to boost your closing rates? Well, the basic idea is using social proof. And when done right we’re not just talking about boosting that percentage by a few points. Sometimes it can be significant.

With all the possible benefits of leveraging testimonial videos and social proof, one of the key pieces that it is best at is to raise conversions.

The cool thing about this is…

If one testimonial video isn’t working well to do this, you can easily add another.

But one of the videos that works the best is the compilation video of multiple clients talking about results and why you’re the best option.

When done right, and used in the right way…

That’s when you’ll really see some HUGE bumps in converting leads to clients.

So check out the video above to learn a bit more and to see two examples of what a simple testimonial video did for some clients.

If you’d like to know how to start collecting good testimonial videos that can do this for your business, the free quickstart guide will get you rolling. You can get the guide by clicking here or on the image below.