In the last video, you learned all about how gamification works to get your clients on board to want to do testimonial videos.

Well, I wanted to do another video on gamification.

But this time it’s one way you can do it so that more people see the testimonial video on Facebook.

Here’s the cool part.

This strategy will have your clients want to like, comment, and share the video.

You won’t have to beg, and you won’t have to feel weird asking them to do it.

In fact, you’ll enjoy the process too, and probably want to come up with other ways to gamify this whole process.

The key is knowing what your clients like and using positive reinforcement along with that.

Plus, they’ll actually feel like they’re part of the whole process and they’ll be curious to see how everything works out in the end.

Oh, and did I mention this won’t cost you a thing?

Although, when you watch this video you’ll see how adding a few bucks can really explode this process.

So if you want to get your testimonial videos seen, so that they work…

This is a gamification strategy that will be fun for you, and your clients at the same time.

Lastly, if you’re curious about how to get a free done-for-you testimonial video just click the button below.