Want to know what cross-sell testimonial videos are? Well, they’re testimonial videos, but they’re different than your standard ones.

Normally, you’ll get a testimonial video from a client, and it’ll go into their results, their experience, and so on.

If they’re good, they’ll focus on the emotion and story as well.

Their whole goal is to connect, convince, and convert your audience into believing that you are the go-to person to solve their problem.

But with the cross-sell testimonial videos, the main difference is that the only people who will see them are your current clients and customers.

These cross-sell videos will be used to help convince a client to join a complimentary program.

For example, if you have a client in a fitness training program and you want them to see better results, you can offer them a nutrition program.

But like anything else, they won’t be sure if this other program will really help them. Plus, they may have some objections, such as paying for another program since they’re already paying for the one they’re in currently.

A cross-sell testimonial video is designed to hit on their pain points, answer those objections, and obviously show results.

But the biggest difference between a standard testimonial video and a cross-sell video is that the video will want to be focused on how the new program will ENHANCE their results and experience.

AKA how to get them results faster and how much better everything will be.

The best part is that you don’t have to convince clients that you are the person to go to.

They’re already clients.

You just have to convince them that their experience and results will be better with the additional program.

When you have a cross-sell testimonial that focuses on that…

It will easily help get people to hop onboard.

Plus, cross-sell testimonial videos will include people that everyone already knows.

That will make the process that much better.

So if you offer complimentary programs, make sure you’re capturing a few cross-sell testimonial videos.

They’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and easily boost conversions.

If you don’t have the time to collect those videos or don’t know exactly how to do it, then click the button below and we’ll take care of it for you.