How You’re Losing Money With Testimonial Videos Huh??? Losing money with testimonial videos? Yeah, there are lots and lots of businesses out there who have testimonial videos and are losing money with them. But wait a second... Don't they
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How To Gamify Testimonial Videos Want to know how to gamify testimonial videos? Wait, let's pause for a second. What exactly does "gamify" even mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means... "Apply typical elements
Does quality matter with testimonial videos?

Does Quality Matter With Testimonial Videos? So does quality matter with testimonial videos? Well, a few years back I shot a video along the lines of "do high-quality testimonial videos work better than low quality"
What should you do with your pandemic testimonials

What Should You Do With Your Pandemic Testimonials? Throughout the entire pandemic I've recommended all sorts of different types of testimonial videos to use so that you stay relevant. But with all those different types and some not being