So let’s get straight to it.

Zoom is awesome!!!

It’s literally saved so many businesses right now and giving people amazing ways to connect and communicate.

But when it comes to any sort of testimonial videos (especially editing them) Zoom has got some challenges. 

And in the video, above you’ll see what those issues are.

In fact, it’s those issues that have kept me away from using Zoom for years with testimonial videos.

**2 Quick Notes**

1) When mentioning the “gap” in issue #1 it may not be clear that the challenge is…

Your client will be talking and the screen hasn’t switched over fast enough to see them. So you have your face being recorded with your client talking.

2) There is a way around some of what is spoken about in the video by “pinning” but the other person’s video isn’t recorded. So that’s still not good.

All that being said…

If you’re doing a testimonial of your members or any video where you’re interviewing somebody you must be aware of these issues with Zoom because they can be a pain when it comes to editing and putting together a good video.

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