The talk is now about re-opening in a lot of places. Some have even begun doing so and for businesses that’s a relief.

But the big step of getting people to come back is the new challenge. 

Besides the financial impact and people possibly not wanting to spend as much money, the other side of it is really about the fear they have about everything being safe.

People have been living in a fearful state for a while now and it will take a bit of time to overcome some of those fears.

A lot of that fear will be alleviated over time and believing in all sorts of factors outside of your control.

But if you’re thinking about opening up soon or already have, the last thing you want is for people to take time to come back… right?

So that means you have to work on convincing them that what you do is safe and O.K. for them.

And you can create all sorts of marketing pieces to showcase that.

But really the power is in numbers. So that means having as many people talk about how safe things are with your business.

And in the video above you’ll hear about why this is so important and how to do it.

Because one thing is for certain, people will need your help, but they’ll also need your help in being convinced that your business is safe to come back to.

And if you truly believe your business will be safe and you can prove it then…

You MUST showcase that as fast as possible.

And the video above will explain how to do it.

Oh, keep this in mind too…

There are going to be quite a few resources and tools from marketers that will show you marketing campaigns to “get new clients.”

But there is one undeniable truth about that.

**No one has been through this before so no one can prove their marketing strategies work.

But the more people you have talking about how you’re open (testimonial videos) and that everything is safe…

The faster people will come back and sign up.

And if you’d like to know how to use testimonial videos during this pandemic and to prove your business is safe then click the button below.