So confidence and consistency are crucial during these times.  Think about it from a business end, the lack of consistency on opening and closing, safety guidelines has been all over the place.

Now imaging what it’s like for your members.

The one place they could go (the gym) that helped them become a better version of themselves has been shut down, then re-opened, them maybe shut down again, then online training, then training with masks, then some close down again.

It’s just crazy times.

And going to the gym was the one consistent thing in their life and right now it’s not because more COVID-19 cases are rising again.

Even if your gym is open now, there’s a chance that it could be shutdown.

And this is not only on the back of your mind it’s on the minds of your members as well.

And it’s very frustrating.

So it’s important for you to stay confident and as consistent as possible.

But how do you do that when things aren’t like that for you or your business??

Simple, testimonial videos.

And in the video above you’ll see where to focus the testimonial videos and how they’ll create confidence for your members.

Because any time things are crazy, tough, or challenging, seeing and hearing testimonials over and over makes a difference.

The kind of difference that your members need right now.

On top of that, seeing and hearing what your members are saying will help you as well.

So make sure to watch the video so you can see how to deliver more confidence and consistency in the lives of your members.