Ever notice that when you see or hear something on social media or the news that it takes a few times to pay attention to it?

Unless it’s some HUGE event.

Well, it usually takes multiple times for you to pay attention because at the early moments you see it It’s not really on your radar yet.

But as soon as you hear more people talking about and…

The more you see it…

You then see what’s going on and start looking into it.

Well, the piece that pushes you over the edge to start paying attention to it is…

Social proof.

It’s also that social proof that convinces you jump on board with it.

The same goes with your members.

But there are 3 key elements that you have to use in your testimonials (especially video) that will make them highly relevant to your audience. 

And you can see what they are in the video below. 

Without these elements your testimonials are just taking up space.

So make sure that with all your testimonials (especially video) that they include these elements.

Especially the third one.

Oh, just an fyi…

There are other pieces that should be included as well…

But these 3 are some of the biggest ones.